Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon for Your Windows / Mac PC

How to play

How to play Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Operate a Coin Factory

Are you a big fan of incremental games that center on making crazy amounts of money? Well, Airport might have what you crave to keep you busy during your free time. They have released the sequel to their award-winning game, Steampunk Idle Spinner. It goes by the name Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon and is just as easy to play as the initial release. In this version, the task is still to build a machine that mints coins using steampunk-inspired technology. The game is available on both Android and iOS but you can also use a mobile emulator to play Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon on PC.

Generate Passive Income

Just as the title implies, the ultimate goal in this game is to create a moneymaker that runs seamlessly with little to no supervision. To that end, you will discover bizarre steampunk contraptions that automate processes and continue to make coins even after you exit the game.  To make maximum use of idle mode, you can deploy:

  • Steam engines that run cogs while you are away
  • Coal mines that dig for fuel to power the system
  • Coin stompers, electric amplifiers, and magnifying glasses that automatically increase the value of coins
  • Mysterious balloons that travel to distant lands and bring back cold hard cash
  • Narrativium portals, which deliver a payout boost when you restart the game

As you keep playing, the game will gradually introduce new parts to incorporate into your steampunk factory.

Expand, Expand, Expand!

At the beginning of this game, you only have a bare-bones machine, one that slowly but steadily rolls out those precious gold coins. Once you earn enough money, you can spend your earnings to add more interconnected elements. The aim is to make your money-making machine work faster, harder and generate even more coins. You can create an elaborate steampunk factory, complete with conveyor belts and chains that connect chugging metals parts and whirling cogs. And, if you run out of space, simply buy more room to continue expanding your steampunk money-minting empire.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon on PC

  • Tap Coins

When coins emerge from the machine, tap them before they drop into the storage bank. What this action does is to increase the value of coins and you can repeat it as many times as possible. Closing trap doors will buy some time to tap as many coins as possible. Just don’t forget to open up the trap doors for cash to flow into storage.

While the stomper machine automates the process of adding value to coins, it stamping speed is limited. If you are actively playing the game and trying to quickly raise some money for an upgrade or new machine part, tapping coins can be a great way to speed up your earnings.

  • Upgrade Machine Parts

All machine part added to the whole system starts at level zero. As you earn more money, make sure to spend coins and level up various machine parts. Every time you levels up any part, either it becomes more productive, increases coin values, or get a currency multiplier boost.

  • Balance Upgrades

It is easy to focus too much on upgrading just one machine component. You may end up doing this may be because the part being upgraded has the ability to increase earnings significantly. However, neglecting other parts of the steampunk machine is not a smart move. That creates loopholes that prevent you from maximizing on returns. Avoid making this mistake by giving all parts of your steampunk money maker adequate attention when it comes to upgrades.


About Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon:

Engineer Millionaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon is no doubt an entertaining incremental game. Its elaborate enriching madness comes to life in a charming 2D art style. The game will keep you busy as you build one of the most mind-boggling money-making machines, packed with all manner of steampunk gadgets. There are plenty of machines to discover and connect. Each one will earn you money when not actively playing the game. As you experiment with the wide assortment of parts, there is no telling what shape your steampunk factory will take. So, don’t be afraid to let your inner mad scientist take control.

Developer: Airapport
Download: Android or iOS

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