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A Quest to Save the Continent

Mobile gaming powerhouse EYEYOUGAME has finally released Elora’s Raid, a trading card game (TCG) with a focus on turn-based combat gameplay. It’s been months in the making, with the developers working on refined gameplay & graphics.

EYEYOUGAME is the same team behind successful titles like Light Chaser, Soul Destiny, Era Origin, and Dark Havoc, just to name few. Their recent release, Elora’s Raid for PC and mobile, is also set to be another hit thanks to the amazing features it has to offer.

In this game, you will embark on a journey of adventure. Players take on the role of a chosen one whose arrival has been much anticipated. Your role is to gather all lost artifacts and bring light to the gods. With their guidance, you will banish the demon and seal him into oblivion to save the continent. Also, the gods will allow you to summon heroes of the land to help you in your missions.


Turn-Based Combat with Social Gameplay

Now, if you are wondering what the core gameplay in Elora’s raid is all about, this post is for you. Essentially, you summon heroes and deploy them into battle. Initially, there are two ways to recruit fighters: through summon scrolls or fusing of shards. You can select up to five heroes, and once your team is ready, the fight begins.

Two sides square off by taking turns. The heroes use skills to deal damage or support their team members. Ultimately, there can only be one winner. The first team to wipe out all rivals on opposing side wins.

In the main story mode, players travel across the game map taking on big boss enemies allied to the demon. For some PvP action, you can visit the Arena section where ranking matches take place as well as championships.

Whichever challenge you take on, winning is the ultimate goal. As you clear the levels, you earn hero XP, gold, voyage clues, hero shards, ordinary XP, armor, weapons, and so much more.

Another amazing aspect of Elora’s Raid is that there are plenty of other game sections to explore. From the Babel tower to the Outerwords, you’ll have lots of fun discovering the many fantastic places that exist in the world of Elora.

What’s more, you can make friends, join guilds, and chat with other players thanks to regional cross-server world channels. The social features also support your progress in the game. You can summon heroes from your friends’ or even trade friendship points that have the power to recruit new characters.

Amazing Characters with Stunning Effects

Whether you choose to play Elora’s Raid for PC or mobile, the game has great audiovisual effects that create an immersive experience on any device. From archangels, fighters, and mages, to tanks, support units, and elves, there are lots of hero choices in this game. The anime-style characters have flamboyant effects that bring each battle to life. Moreover, beginners will appreciate the voice-over guide that explains all the important aspects of playing this game.

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Tips and Tricks for Playing Elora’s Raid on PC

  • Make Strategic Formations

You have the choice of arranging your heroes in three lanes, namely, rear, middle and front line. It is essential to select your hero roster strategically because there are synergy buffs that can work to your advantage.

In Elora’s Raid, hero skills derive power from five elements, water, fire, wind, light, and dark. So, to build a strong team, you have to choose units that reinforce each other. For example, if you deploy a tank to take on damage, make sure there is a healer to restore the team’s HP. Alternatively, you can choose a team of heroes that work in synergy to weaken the enemy before delivering lethal strikes.

Overall, there are up to six character classes in this game. So, feel free to mix and match heroes until you find a formation that works for you.

  • Level Up Your Heroes

You can spend gold and hero experience to level up your characters. The heroes get more power points after each upgrade.

Furthermore, heroes get a chance to rise in rank after reaching certain levels. Although you will part with some gold and enhancestones to rank-up your hero, it will be worth it because new skills will unlock.

You can also customize characters with new gear & weapons. Keep in mind, though, that some hero accessories only become available when your character reaches a specific level.

  • Sacrifice Duplicate Heroes

If you obtain two hero cards, consider sacrificing the duplicate one in exchange for a small amount of resources. All you have to do is exchange a specific number of Advance Gem and hero cultivation material from the Sacrifice Hero Shop.

  • Send Invite Codes

After making some friends in Elora’s Raid, send them invite codes. Doing so sends an objective challenge that they can accept. Once someone redeems the invite code and completes the character quest that came with it, you earn a reward.

  • Maximize Reward Collection

There are plenty of rewards in Elora’s Raid, so it is important to know which ones you’ll earn and what requires claiming. Firstly, there is the usual loot that you get after completing a level. You also have 5 seconds to claim your MVP rewards before moving on to the next fight.

Secondly, you can claim extra loot from the stage reward boxes, daily sign in, and the 7-days welcome gift. Prizes to claim include weapons, armor, hero cards, etc.

Thirdly, utilizing the Blitz Buff gives you limited minutes worth of gains. As long as the buff has not expired, you will be free to claim both free and buyable loot.

Lastly, there are several rewards you can get in the ‘to-do list’ and ‘feats’ section. The prizes here will depend on your accomplishments in the game. Therefore, you may want to prioritize your quests by working towards achieving the goals in your feats and to-do list section.

  • Collect Relics

Relics give your all heroes in the team a stats bonus. However, you have to complete certain quests to unlock them. Once equipped, relics unleash an active skill after every three rounds.

  • Trade with the Elf Merchant

Make sure to visit the Elf Merchant section as well because good deals pop-up there regularly. From this store, you can trade your gold or gems for enhancestones, grand summon scrolls, & other game buffs.

  • Explore Gameplay Options in The Seer Section

Finally, our last tip on Elora’s Raid is to take advantage of The Seer section. The gates to this secret path open up after one of your heroes reaches level 30. Legend has it that The Seer hosts a shrine for the gods. You can exchange heroes in this area of the game by consuming Seer Essence. Also, Seer Crystals will obtain shards or you can spend them in the Seer Shop to buy high-star heroes.


About Elora's Raid:

To sum up, Elora’s Raid is a battler card game & turn-based combat RPG all wrapped up in one. The fact that EYOUGAME added idle gameplay as part of the features means that you don’t have to spend hours grinding to accumulate resources. The developers are very generous with loot, so this is not a ‘pay to win’ kind of game. Players can have lots of fun with the many activities that are on offer. So, be prepared to summon epic heroes, experiment different formation tactics, discover an immersive game world, compete for leaderboard ranks, and make friends in cross-server channels.

Developer: EYOUGAME(USS)
Download: Android or iOS

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