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History Based Card Battle Tower Defense Game

Picking up on the Three Kingdom Period in China that lasted between 220 to 280 AD, Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes for PC drops you smack in the middle of a war-torn region. The game re-creates the historic real-life battles that took place in that era of Chinese history. What’s more, it places you as the irreplaceable Lord seeking to conquer the whole region. To accomplish this goal, you will recruit heroes from the three kingdoms, train them, and match your army to war.

Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes is a tower defense themed game and as such, battles take place just inside city perimeters. During battles, you will arrange your army in tactical formations of 6 where the heroes take turns attacking the enemy as they advance. Heroes can attack simultaneously as well depending on the formation.

The game also features card battle mechanics whereby you collect hero cards (by tapping on them) to create and grow your army. Overall, it is a fun action-packed battle game. The best part is that it introduces regular interesting twists (new storylines, fresh skills to unlock, new battle elements, and more) that keep changing the course of the battle as play continues.


Build your Army with Differently Versed Heroes

A big part of play in Dynasty Defense involves collecting heroes. There are about 100 hero avatars, all grouped into 4 classes, namely Archer, Gunner, Mage, and Strategist. However, regardless of class, each hero comes with unique skills. For instance, Guan Yinping is an archer who is also great at singles combat, while Zhang Bao is a gunner with a knack of taking down swarms of enemies with ease. You can improve on a hero’s ability with regular character and equipment upgrades.

Another point to remember is that not all of the heroes are human. The game also offers a repertoire of unique monsters to choose from.


Choose from an Array of Play Options  

When it comes to gameplay, Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes has a lot to offer. Indeed, this is where the RPG aspect of the game truly shines. With so much to do, your character of irreplaceable Lord takes on a life of its own in the game. You can find your footing in the game by defending your towers from the hundreds of enemies that will be coming from the air, land, and water.

Once confident in your battle skills, you can join up with friends in Multiplayer Mode and defeat the invaders to protect your turf, or fight with your best heroes to raise your ranking in the PVP arena. Furthermore, toucan even leaves the border with a caravan to take the fight to the enemy or participate in the ‘Dragon War’. The bottom line, there is always an adventure to take up in the game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes for PC

  • Choose your Heroes Wisely

In this game, the kind of army you build will dictate whether you will be victorious in battles. As such, you should apply a bit of smarts with your hero collection. Turn to the game’s well-crafted cards, which detail the characteristics of each hero. Doing so will give you an idea on how to mix and match heroes in formations where individual fighters complement each other well. Also, make it a point to collect all types of heroes in order to have more options to work with when matching up characters for battle.


  • Do not go into battle without a Strategy

A strong army may get you far in this game but a smart battle plan is an even more powerful weapon. All your formations should have a tactical advantage going into battle. For example, when facing a group of bandits or rebels, you can take them out with brute force. Placing gunners or a few nasty monsters at the front of your formation will do the trick. Those who make it past the gunners can then be met by mages who will stop them in their tracks with their powerful magic.

Alternatively, when facing an army, you can place archers at the back who will work on shooting down handfuls of combatants before they even make it to the towers. A gunner and mage can then take their place at the front. The former character takes out the attackers that manage to make it past the hail of arrows, while the latter puts up protective spells to block the enemy’s attacks. Ultimately, it is all about coming up with the best strategy to take out the specific type of enemies you are facing.


  • Adapt on the Fly

Sometimes, the enemy will turn out to be more powerful than anticipated or have a better battle plan than yours. As a result of this, you should always have backups to your original formation. Luckily, the game allows you to switch up your formation in the middle of a battle. You can also turn to your special abilities (storm or hail attacks, fire shots, and the likes) when you find your team overpowered during battle.


  • Upgrade your Heroes Equally

Lastly, it is essential to point out that no hero is more valuable than others in this game. The differences in skills are what add up to create formidable formations. So, when leveling up, give each hero an equal upgrade. It will boost every hero’s contribution to the team in equal measure.



About Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes:

Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes for PC is a game that combines card collection, tower defense, and strategic formation. Once you have these 3 aspects of play mastered, you will be well on your way to becoming the game’s God of War. Featured are simple game mechanics and a few directions on how to play to ensure you have no problem learning the game.

Developer: Shengqu Games
Download: Android or iOS

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