Dune! On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (GamePlay)

Download and Play “Dune!” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Welcome To Dune!

If you have ever read a Frank Herbert Science Fiction novel then you know exactly what you are in for with Dune! Whether you play this game on your mobile phone or Download Dune! For PC, you will still have a fantastic time indulging in this real-time strategy (RTS) game. Developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virginia Games, Dune! Is credited as the forefather of modern strategy games. Needless to say, it is the most immersive adaptation of Herbert’s Dune Universe

The Amazing Storyline

As the player, you will take on the role of Paul Atreides, a traveler who just arrived on the desert planet Arrakis also referred to as Dune. As the heir to the noble house, you have been sent by Emperor Shaddam to collect a spice called ‘Malenge’. The emperor demands a shipment every few days. Therefore, as the player, gathering this spice quickly becomes a top priority. Things will not be this easy though… the northern territory is ruled by the House Harkonnen. They will wage a war against you so they can equally become the sole harvester of “Malenge”. They will always attack you in gigantic sandstorms.

Enjoy the Gameplay

The gameplay is a unique mix of adventure and strategy. You will move from location to location to bring important characters along for the ride. You will also be able to purchase spice and equipment that will help in defeating Harkonnen. As the player, you will also partake in conducting espionage and attacking fortresses. If you Download Dune! For PC, you will be previewed to real-time statistics and will equally get the opportunity to trade equipment. To get from place to place, you will use the ornithopter, a mechanical plane that is a cross between a helicopter and a bird. This will ensure that you are not shot down. Remember, if you are unsuccessful in your defense, the territory will be conquered by the Harkonnen and you will be captured, never getting to the spice.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Dune!

This high score chaser game will keep you occupied in the very best of ways. To ensure that you are playing for as long as possible, follow these unique playing strategies:

· Know the environment
Knowing the terrain will allow you to get ahead in the best of ways. For instance, sharp peaks will allow you to get the most height when lifting off. Round hills will ensure that you pick up some speed and valleys are ideal for a smooth landing.

· Timing Is Everything
Everything in Dune! Comes down to timing. Before you reach the top of a peak, release your screen and you will hop into the air. When you begin to fall, aim for the net slope and dive again! With some practice, you will know when to hold down your screen, speed up or dive down.

· Just hold it
Even if you want to smash your finger into your screen to get the right speed, just hold it! This will give you a better effect when it comes to moving from one point to another.

· Pick your dune carefully
Any dune will not do when you are coming in for the landing. While some dunes are wide almost like a semi-circle, others are very deep, making it difficult to land safely.

· Try swiping
A good way to get a better feel for the movement of the ball is to move along with it. Do not hold your finger in place for the ball to move. Instead, try swiping.

About Dune!:

Developer: VOODOO
Download: Android and iOS