Dream Cafe: Cafescapes for Your Windows / Mac PC

Build Your Dream Café in Unique Game

Do not be intimidated by the name of this game. You do not need to be an expert cook or have exceptional barista skills to play Dream Cafe: Cafescapes – Match 3. Quite the contrary. The game actually takes you through a fun and interesting journey where you help Maria ( the game’s lead character) rebuild her father’s restaurant.

As the storyline develops, you will find yourself uncovering more lively characters (Felix, your best friend, the dream landlord, etc ). Maria needs all the help she can get to build her dream café. You will assist her with choosing new furniture, designing new décor, unlocking new recipes, and accomplishing a whole lot of other renovation tasks. Once that dream café is up and running, you will then proceed to help Maria create an empire by opening more restaurants.

Dabble with Hundreds of Match 3 Puzzles

The game consists of hundreds of levels worth of match 3 puzzles. You solve the puzzles by simply matching ingredients with the aim of reaching a specific target. The targets range from simple goals like collecting 35 oranges or clearing 5 ingredients at a go, to tougher tasks of eliminating ice blocks and retrieving plates. Every completed level earns you coins and a star, which is what you will use to acquire upgrades for the restaurant.

Complete Levels to Advance Story

In the Dream Café: Cafescapes game, playing puzzles earns you your trading currency. On the other hand, building Maria’s café advances the game’s storyline. Therefore, you will have to swap between the match 3 puzzles and building the café to move further in the game.

Each day in the game comes with a renovation to-do-list. You must accomplish tasks on your list to move on to the next stage. Completing every task in the list will require you to use a certain amount of coins and stars acquired during play. So, you have to play multiple levels at a go to raise enough coins and stars to complete a day’s list.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Dream Cafe: Cafescapes on PC

  • Think Before You Match

Matching puzzle ingredients involves moving pieces around to bring 3, 5, 7, or more (depending on given instructions) of the targeted fruit together. Sounds very easy (which it is), but you still need to use your head as you play. Before you make a move, stop and picture what effect it will bring about. Will a given move allow you to simply make a match, create a bomb or dynamite bundle, or pave way for a booster combination? Contemplating your moves will help you get to a level’s target faster.

  • Do not Exhaust all Your Moves

Every level of play in the game has a limited number of moves. Try to reach the target while using the least amount of moves. After you have completed a level, every leftover move turns into an explosive. The collective explosives are then randomly scattered within the puzzle board where they blast through the ingredients earning you even more coins. The higher the number of leftover moves, the more explosives you receive, and the more coins you earn.

  • Save up your Coins

Coins are a precious commodity in this game. You can trade them in for boosters, renovation upgrades, or extra moves in a level. They can also be used to replace items in an already remodeled area. The only problem is that making any of these trades requires a great deal of coins. For example, buying additional moves can cost you to the tune of 900 coins. That is a steep price to pay considering you get less than 100 coins for every level played. So, the wiser play would be to hold onto your coins until you really need them. If you are going to use your coins on extra moves, make sure they will be enough to get you to complete a level. Otherwise, leave your coins to accumulate so that you will have enough to spare when the time of need comes.

  • Use Boosters at the Right Moment

Just like coins, boosters have the potential of making an impact in the game when used at the right moment. Most boosters appear during play after you have made a series of impressive moves. You have no control over these as they simply explode and remove the pieces around. The Pre-level and In-level type of boosters are what you need to plan for while playing.

Pre-level boosters come up at the beginning of a level. These power-ups are good to go for when you are about to play a challenging level. They include a rainbow gem, bomb, and combination of dynamite and rainbow gem. The rainbow gem is ideal for levels that involve collecting ingredients while the latter two types are better suited when you want to break things or move items.

In-level boosters, in turn, include options such as a hammer (removes a single tile) and thicker hammer (creates a large explosion that removes ingredients). In-level boosters are at your disposal throughout the play. You can use them when down to your last moves but still have several ingredients to collect or need to get rid of several things on the board. 

  • Go for Bonuses

Aside from completing the game’s levels, there are other avenues of play you can explore to earn bonus rewards. Options include completing quests and watching ads. For the latter option, the game sometimes asks you to watch an ad to double the coins you got after finishing a level. Other times a prompt will pop up before you start a level, offering free boosters or additional moves if you watch an ad. These opportunities for watching ads for a reward do not happen that often, so make sure to grab the chance whenever you get it.

How to play

How to play Dream Cafe: Cafescapes on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Dream Cafe: Cafescapes Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Dream Cafe: Cafescapes on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Dream Cafe: Cafescapes:

Café builders are nothing new in the gaming world and neither are puzzle games. However, it is not every day you find a game like Dream Café: Cafescapes – Match 3 with the unique gameplay of a combination of these two popular genres. Simply put, this game offers the best of both worlds, and the execution could not have been done any better. The game is an exciting rollercoaster ride of one fun high after another. You will have a blast with the puzzles and even more fun helping Maria build her dream restaurant.

Developer: iPocket
Download: Android or iOS

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