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How to play Disney Sorcerer’s Arena on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Disney Sorcerer’s Arena on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Fight as Your Favorite Disney & Pixar Characters

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena for PC or mobile has become an instant hit. On the Google Play Store alone, the game has already hit the 1-million mark when it comes to downloads. If you are a big fan of Disney and Pixar shows, then make sure to check out this new game by Glu. It’s a turn-based combat RPG where you get to control all your favorite characters, from heroic ones like Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas, Maui, and Ariel, to villains such as Scar, Gaston, Big Bad Wolf, Queen of Hearts and more.

Heroes in this game have a role, attack range (e.g., short, mid, or long), power-level, as well as health, defense, and offense stats. Some are ranged fighters, while others specialize in melee combat. There are support fighters too who heal their teammates. With the different combat styles and character attributes that are at your disposal, you can experiment with lots of strategies.

Cast Skills with Cards

Whether you choose to install Disney Sorcerer’s for PC or the mobile version, the game has simple controls that make it easy to play. Once you step into this realm, enchanted cards give your favorite Disney and Pixar characters a new lease of life. They will face off against forces of evil in a turn-based duel that takes place in three stages.

When foes appear, your team immediately moves to battle. However, you possess magic. As a result, your characters could use your help during combat.

Cast their unique abilities by dragging skill cards on the arena. Some abilities send minions to attack the enemies, whereas others unleash spells attacks.

If you want to cast a skill, it will cost you some magic. During battle, it recharges gradually, a process that you will see through a progress bar below the cards. As the magic replenishes, there is also a number that indicates how much of it is available. You can only cast a skill when the available magic can cover its casting cost. Each time you cast a skill card, the magic cost deducts from the available magic. So, you are the mercy of your characters’ auto-battle moves while waiting for magic to reach enough levels to cast the cards that are on your deck. The good news, though, is that the recharging process will go on twice as fast than normal when you enter into the third/final stage of battle.

Plenty of Game Modes to Play

Another aspect of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena that will keep you coming back for more is the wide variety of game modes that this RPG has to offer. In the Disney Adventure campaign, you take on AI bots to grind for resources such as XP, hero tokens, energy (for skipping hard levels), coins, gems, level upgrade potions, and more.

You can play the heroes, villains, and grand adventures from the primary campaign. The different character factions can work together or fight each other depending on the mode you are playing. In the villain adventure quests, for instance, you put together a band of bad guys to challenge heroic defenders.

Only one of the modes will be available when you start, whereas the other ones unlock once your player level reaches a particular point. Completing more levels here is a great way to unlock spells and characters.

You can also toggle between normal & hard mode in the primary campaign. Work your way up gradually by starting with the less intense diff iculty level. When you complete all the normal battles, this will unlock the corresponding stage in hard mode, thereby creating new levels for you to play and gather more resources while honing your skills. However, you can only play the hard mode battles three times a day, but gems can refresh attempts to replay.

Besides campaign missions, Disney Sorcerer’s Area features events and the PvP Arena where you can challenge real players. Additionally, more battles await you in the Tower of Endurance, Cavern Crawl, Summoner Challenge, and Passholder Season.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

  • Complete as Many Campaign Missions as Possible

Finish as many campaign missions as possible early on in the game because this is how you increase the player level and unlock new game features. Additionally, each victory will earn you rewards, which can improve and level-up your heroes. And, with an increased max energy cap, you will be able to play longer later on. You will also get a chance to hone your skills by completing the campaign missions.

  • Play Daily Quests & Special Events

Do not ignore other battle challenges when playing this game. For instance, daily quests reward you with more resources when you accomplish the specified goal. There are also time-limited events that you can take part in to increase your chances of unlocking new characters and better rewards.

  • Upgrade Your Characters

Each level you advance to will have more formidable enemies than the previous one. It can be hard to win battles if you are lagging on deck power and unit levels. Therefore, make sure to upgrade your characters. Leveling up a character increases their base stats and power, making them stronger in battle. You will need coins and level-upgrade potions for this action. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot increase the level of your characters beyond that of your player.

  • Join a Club

In Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, players can join clubs. These are the equivalent of guilds in other games. Once you join a club, you can send your allies enhancement resources and energy or request for the same from them. Furthermore, you will be able to play in the Dungeon and earn coins to spend in the Club store for some fantastic prizes.

  • Take Advantage of Free Rewards and Ad Bonuses

Besides the rewards you earn for winning battles, quests, and events, there are lots of free goodies that you can also claim in the game to maximize your stockpile of resources for upgrading characters. For instance, there are different types of treasure crates you can grab. There is one that refreshes in 24-hours while another one becomes available for opening every 4-hours. Alternatively, the game gives you the optional route of getting ten more chests by watching an ad each time you want one. Lastly, remember to go for the 30-day free rewards. You only need to login in every day to claim different prizes, adventure energy, character tokens, level upgrade potions, and gold coins.


About Disney Sorcerer’s Arena:

Developed by Glu, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is a turn-based combat RPG where you get to play the role of a summoner. You get a chance to put together an all-star cast of legendary Disney and Pixar characters that would otherwise never assemble in any show. You are free to play either the heroic role or become a villain thanks to the different game modes that are on offer. The PvP arena also lets you square off with other Disney fans from all around the world. Overall, you will have fun collecting cards, casting spells, gathering resources, unlocking new characters, and upgrading your roster of battle-ready Pixar and Disney legends.

Developer: Glu
Download: Android or iOS

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