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Hunt Down Pre-Historic Reptiles

The folks at Million Games have some pretty impressive first-person shooting games under their belt. These include titles like Sniper Strike Ops and Highway Sniper Shooter, which we reviewed in previous posts. With the release of Dinosaur Hunt Down, Million Games brought a fresh twist to the FPS genre. In this version, you take on the role of a savage wild dinosaur hunter. So, be prepared to take down some of the most ruthless reptiles to ever roam the earth. Download Dinosaur Hunt Down for PC or play it on your Android device and become the ultimate hunter.

Enjoy Awesome 3-D Simulation

A million Games treats players with sharp realistic graphics and amazing sound effects in Dinosaur Hunt Down. You can shoot down a dinosaur from a helicopter or while on foot deep inside the Jurassic woods. The game’s hunting simulation is also very life-like. Once you have your prey in sight, simply zoom to aim and view it through your riflescope. Pull the trigger at the tap of a button and your rifle goes off with a loud bang. The dinosaurs even make a desperate cry when bullets send them tumbling down to their death. Every animation delivers an authentic hunting experience and immersive gameplay that will keep you glued to your screen.

Hunt with Modern Assault Rifles

Dinosaur Hunt Down for PC throws you into the Jurassic period armed with a modern assault rifle. But, you still need sharpshooting skills to quickly kill these wild destructive monsters before they get to you. There are about a dozen guns to choose from, and each one features its own accuracy rating. At first, only one gun is available. You can unlock the rest with coins earned from previously completed missions. Complete more levels to stock your armory with powerful rifles such as the AR2, AK47, and Dragunov sniper rifle, just to name a few.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Dinosaur Hunt Down

• Prioritize Headshots
Takedown the ancient reptiles with headshots for greater prizes. With this approach, you will use less ammo and avoid having to reload your rifle too often. For good accuracy, place the red dot center in your scope crosshairs on dinosaur heads before you pull the trigger.

• Hunt with Haste
The quests in Dinosaur Hunt Down have a time limit. You must complete all your goals before the timer counts down to zero or else the mission fails. To complete your hunts on time, focus on the mission goals and move quickly through the woods

• Check the Map
The radar map is a great resource that can help you locate your prey quickly. Your current position is the green triangle while red dots represent dinosaurs. Follow the red dots to spot dinosaurs fast. If a red dot is fast approaching, then you are under attack.

• Differentiate the Dinosaur Species
There are many dinosaur species in the game. It helps to know what type of prey you are going up against. The big herbivores are gentle giants and you can get close for an easy shot. However, the T-Rex and other predator species will charge towards you. These deadly flesh eaters will make your health drop by inflicting injuries. If you are not careful, they can kill you too. Therefore, learn how to identify aggressive dinosaurs and don’t get too close to avoid being attacked.


About Dinosaur Hunt Down:

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