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How to play Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA Apk from the Store.
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Download, Install and Play Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Immortals and Devils at War

Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA is an MMORPG that thrusts you into a mythical world. It starts just as the grand war between the Giant Gorillas and Rocs is ending, but fighting between the three realms rages on. As a result, you step in as a chosen hero to end the war between the gods and devils.

Once you install Devil Hunter for PC, you can enjoy an immersive experience thanks to the many features it has to offer. The game has all the hallmarks of a fantastic MMORPG. For starters, you will experience a gripping tale as you traverse the fantasy world with cute pets. Mount everything from giant scorpions and dinosaurs to flying dragons and the Pegasus.

The open game world features plenty of NPCs that you can stop by to take on quests from by helping them defeat hordes of monsters and boss villains. For each quest you complete, you also collect rewards like copper coins, pet enhancement stones, EXP bonuses, gear, artifacts, and so much more.

Questing is easy because the game features auto-play control, which you can use even when it comes to battle. As such, you can focus on advancing the story, leveling up, and unlocking more game content.

Diverse Character Class System

Another fantastic feature of Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA is the diverse hero class system that offers you different battle strategies to take on enemies. Each hero archetype that you choose brings something unique to the table. Therefore, players can choose a devil hunter that suits their battle strategy or gameplay style.

As of this review, there are four classes in this game. Firstly, the Taoist casts frost spells, dealing AEO damage to her opponents. She serves as the main DPS unit. Secondly, Arcane Luminary can deal very high damage in a short time. He unleashes bursts of strong explosive power to dispatch enemies. Thirdly, the Winged Illusionist deals ranged firepower who concentrates on continuous output. She is good at taking out single units by inflicting DPS harm from a distance. Lastly, you can play the game as the Martial Saint. He is good at attacking monsters and bosses while absorbing DMG. As a result, this is a tank unit. Once his role evolves, he can also choose talents.

Whichever hero you choose, you can get a partner thanks to the game’s immortal couple system. Find your perfect match and work together to achieve immortality. Additionally, the quest rewards double when you partner up. The best part is that battling takes half the effort compared to going at it alone.

Multiple-Game Modes

Besides the main storyline quests, Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA also offers other game modes. For those who like to challenge real human players, you can team up with comrades to take on the world boss for a chance to win treasures, outfits, and various loot. Additionally, there are cross-server battles where guilds fight for honor and limited resources.

Regardless of which game mode you opt for, Devil Hunter for PC and mobile offers a great experience thanks to impressive graphics. Whether you are just exploring the open game world or fighting, the action unfolds with voiceovers, cinematic scenes, and flashy combat animations.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA on PC

  • Customize Your Heroes with New Outfits

Unlike other MMORPGs where outfits only improve appearance, the costumes that you equip in Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA will give your hero a boost in stats. For instance, outfit wardrobe level bonuses can increase DEF, ATK, and HP. However, make sure to check the ‘penetration’ stat for each outfit before activating it. The higher the score the more armor you will have in battle.

  • Keep Leveling Up

It is essential to keep leveling up your heroes because this will unlock new skills. However, new abilities become available after reaching specific ranks. You can visit the trait tab for each hero and check the skill list to find out the condition for unlocking anything that is currently unavailable. Keep in mind also that there are passive skills that you can add to your battle repertoire.

  • Advance Your Mounts & Celestial Wings

Make sure also to keep leveling up your mounts and celestial wings. You can do this from the ‘power-ups’ menu. Keep in mind, though, that this will cost you pet enhancement stones. It will be worth it because enhancing your pets also provides a boost in stats.

  • Claim Your Gifts

There are a variety of gifts that you can claim to get more loot when playing Devil Hunter: Eternal War Sea. For example, there is a level up gift that your hero obtains after reaching specific ranks. What’s more, the daily login gifts offer different kinds of goodies over the first 14-days after you install the game. You can also give the developers feedback and get rewards in return for your input.


About Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA:

If you enjoy playing MMORPGs with auto-pathing gameplay, intriguing plots, and a diverse character class system, then Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA would be a fantastic choice. It takes place in a mythical world where immortals and monsters are at war. You must emerge as the chosen hero to end the fighting. There are lots of NPC quests that lead up to battles against enemies and epic boss fights. Players can collect lots of rewards for each completed mission, including incredible mounts and pets that take to the skies or make it easier to get around. With immersive cut scenes, voiceovers, spectacular visuals, and action-packed cross-server PvP battles, Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA has a lot to offer.

Developer: CQ Gaming
Download: Android or iOS

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