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Open World MMORPG in Hand-Drawn Style

Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO looks like the inside of a storybook owing to its style of hand-drawn graphics, skills, and character animations. It reads like one as well, featuring a fascinating story-driven plot that takes you through varying lands (snowfield, forest, desert, and volcano regions) in search of the lost Book of Destiny. Unlike your typical storybook, though, the characters in Devil Book are always on the move completing unending quests.

On one side are a set of continuous main quests (hunt skeletons, move to village, achieve team lv. 5, etc.) that play out the plot. On the other hand, there are mini-quests involving helping Non-Player-Characters with various requests. You tap on characters as you go to receive a mini-quest.

There are over 20 characters to collect in Devil Book Hand-Drawn Action MMO, with the game letting you create a 3-hero combo of your choosing once you have the numbers.

After selecting your team, 3-tabs representing the respective characters appear at the bottom right side of the screen. Even with a squad set up, Devil Book only allows one active player at a time on the battlefield. So, you will have to tap on the character tabs to switch through heroes. The game also automatically tags in a new player when the active one runs out of HP.

Easy Play with Automatic Controls

The hand-drawn style of Devil Book puts your mind at ease right from the start. And rightly so since the non-descript backgrounds and simplistic animation drawings paint a picture of what to expect from this laid-back game. The game practically plays itself, leaving you with the easy task of tapping here and there to initiate actions.

Devil Book is an open-world game, so you are free to roam through the vast and varying environments. For this, you tap and drag on the screen to move your hero forward. Fights play out automatically, but you need to first tap on an enemy to initiate an attack.

During battles, the game provides access to 3 special hero abilities, which you can unleash by taping one of three skill buttons at the bottom right side of the screen. There is also the option of giving up control entirely through a full-on auto function. For this, you tap on the current ongoing quest (highlighted at the top left corner of the game screen), and everything progresses automatically.

Equipment Enhancement Feature for Hero Management

While your heroes in Devil Book level up automatically through experience gained in battle, it has a fun equipment enhancement feature that delivers the best hero performance boosts.

An unlimited amount of equipment in the form of weapons and gear comes as part of quest rewards. You first arm a hero and later improve on the equipment to get stronger.

The game has a dedicated Equipment tab (under the Hero tab on the main menu button), complete with an auto-equip button that takes away the stress of deciding what equipment to give to which hero.

With progress, you also get a tutorial that guides you through the whole equipment enhancement process. That includes introducing new aspects like equipping a hero, leveling up existing equipment, promoting gear after it reaches MAX level, etc.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO on PC

• Take on Dungeon Challenges Regularly

Like most features in this game, it will take you some time to unlock the Dungeon quests. When you finally do, take on as many dungeon challenges as possible without neglecting the main storyline. By defeating monsters and bosses within the dungeon, you will earn a ton of extra gold, diamonds, and materials. These supplies can help you grow more powerful by leveling up your heroes and equipment.

• Log in Daily

One mistake you do not want to make with Devil Book Hand-Drawn Action MMO is letting a day go by without logging in. The game offers some serious login rewards covering everything from gold, diamonds, and red stones, to HP recovery and speed-up potions, to custom coins and all manner of chests.

The gifts get better with each day, making it all the more beneficial to log in daily. For instance, you get a reward of x60,000 gold on day 15 and x200 diamonds on day 20. On top of this, there is even the more enticing reward of 2 rare adventurer soul-stone chests on day 21, plus the grade SS hero summon scroll given on day 28.

• Make the Most of Hero Skills

Every hero character has a unique set of abilities accessed via three circular skill buttons. During battles, a skill needs to fill up first before you can unleash the move. This system makes it possible for you to have access to one, two, or even all three of your hero skills multiple times during a fight.

While you are free to release the special skills as they become available, holding on until the most opportune time would be the better and more strategic approach. For this, you will have to try and master every one of your active hero skills to become better informed about the right moments to unleash a given skill. Every character skill is listed in detail at the ‘hero info’ option under the Hero tab.

Most hero skills can take out multiple enemies in one fell swoop. As a result, this makes them ideal for moments where you are overwhelmed by swarms of enemies. Some abilities (e.g., Viki’s Cheer Up Skill) have the potential of healing allies in range, making them an invaluable advantage during team fights. Other skills (such as Yuri’s Continuous Stabbing) feature a high damage impact that will get you through a boss fight.

• Enhance Equipment As You Go

Your best weapon in Devil Book Hand-Drawn Action MMO is the equipment enhancement feature. Since you have no control over how your hero fights, you only have the option of ensuring your heroes are strong enough to handle any enemy that comes their way.

Equipment (i.e., weapons and gear) are offered bountifully as rewards, and you can buy more whenever you want. So, you only need to distribute equipment fairly among your heroes and make regular enhancements to maintain a strong team.

How to play

How to play Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MMO:

Devil Book Hand-Drawn Action MMO is a beautiful and dynamic game. It is easy enough to play with a laid-back style and largely automatic battle system. At the same time, there is an addictive element to the game owing to some captivating and diversified themes. You get a whole menu complete with multiple tabs (Hero, Team, Ranking, Bag, Quest, Board, Achievement, Craft, Shop, Summon, Costume, Market, Dungeon, PvP, Guild, War Record, Mall, Login Reward, World Map, & Friend) that you get to unlock gradually. Between setting up a guild, perfecting the art of striking unbeatable team combos that send you on dungeon winning sprees, and adorning your heroes with clothes you have crafted yourself, you will find this game to be anything but boring.

Developer: NGEL GAMES Co.,Ltd.
Download: Android or iOS

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