Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates for PC: Gameplay

Wipe Out Pirates on the High Seas

Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates is a game that comes with a self-explanatory title. It is all about keeping the high seas safe. In the game, you take up the role of a sharp marksman on board a naval vessel. You are on patrol for pirates trying to sneak up and hijack your ship.

When any activity of threats appears on the radar, an alarm goes off. You then have to load up your rocket launcher, aim for the approaching enemy vessels and blow them up to smithereens.

When there are no pirates, the game offers target practice challenges on the deck of your ship to help hone your skills.

Hone Your Shooting Skills

During target practice, you aim for small items like glass bottles, fruits, helmets, fuel barrels, pumpkin heads, and so forth. Each successful shot generates varying points. Once you reach the target score, the level ends, you bag a cash reward and move on to the next stage. The money you get can purchase more rifles for target practice.

Upon reaching specific levels, you also get trophies. These items provide a certain amount of money to claim after every minute.

The target practice quests also get increasingly challenging. For instance, after level 15, they start to move. You could be aiming at targets set up on rotating Ferris wheels, seesaws, and all kinds of machines. The moving targets help you prepare for pirates ships that head towards your vessel.

Simple Controls

When it comes to playing Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates, the game controls are intuitive. You only drag the scope to align your sights or crosshairs on targets, release, and then the weapon will fire automatically. The best part is that you can do all of this with just one hand.

When target practicing, there is no countdown timer to put you through your paces. You can take your sweet time to hone your skills. The most important thing is making sure that each bullet hits its mark to avoid running out of ammo before the level completes.

On higher levels, some pirate ships may be sailing towards your vessel. When that happens, it is prudent to eliminate the moving targets as quickly as possible before turning your attention to the stationary threats.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates on PC

• Double Your Cash Reward

At the end of each target practice or defense mission, you will see the cash that you receive on the screen. Just below it, there are two buttons. One is labeled ‘Get’ for claiming your reward, and the other has the label ‘Double’ with a camera icon. Clicking the latter will allow you to increase the prize money up to twofold. However, the process will stream a short video ad. Make sure you are connected to the Internet when attempting to double your rewards.

• Save Up

Better rifles for target practice cost varying amounts of in-game cash. Although it can be tempting to buy each one the moment you raise enough money, you might want to be a bit more patient and save up for the more expensive firearms. They come with better power and more bullet capacity. Therefore, the wait will be worth your while.

• Claim Free Cash

There are various ways to claim free cash by playing ads, which work in the same way as doubling the payout received at the end of each quest. For instance, there is an option on the game home screen that allows you to collect online revenue. You generate 60 in-game cash every minute spent actively on a mission. The longer you keep playing, the more money you generate from this offer.

Another option that pops up occasionally is the lucky wheel. Spin it to get free cash. You can also visit the in-game shop to check for offers that drop free money. Lastly, keep checking the free cash that trophies generate.

• Go for High-Value Targets First

During practice sessions, it is essential to keep in mind that you have limited ammunition. The level completes based on the points scored. However, you don’t have to shoot all the targets. A good strategy would be prioritizing shooting items that offer the highest points. For instance, hitting a glass bottle drops up to 7-points, whereas a bulls-eye board drops a meager single point. By starting with high-point targets, you save on ammo and complete the level faster.

How to play

How to play Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
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About Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates:

If you are a big fan of FPS (first-person-shooter) games, one unique title you may want to try is Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates. As the title implies, it challenges you to keep threats at bay on the high seas. Endless FPS defense missions await in this action-packed game. You get to use a bazooka to blow up pirate ships and target practice with rifles on the deck of your vessel. The game features realistic sound effects, impressive visuals, and plenty of rifles to unlock for target practice. To download it on PC, use the installation tips shared in this post.

Developer: Gun And Zombie Shooting Games
Download: Android or iOS

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