Day R Premium On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Trailer & GamePlay)

Download and Play “Day R Premium” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Test Your Survival Skills

Day R is an incredible post-apocalypse survival game with an intense Russian flavor. When playing, you will assume the role of a disaster survivor. You will need to travel around the world for unknown reasons and also trace your family. With the use of bicycles, motorcycles, and vehicles, you can be able to travel faster from one point to another. The concept is great and the gameplay simply addictive. If you Download Day R Premium For PC, then you will enjoy completing quests and battling enemies even more. The freedom of choice and movement that this game offers is truly liberating.

Explore, Explore, Explore!

This is the first of many games that will offer you a map to explore. There are over 2,500 cities for you to go through and if you are not careful, a lot of danger that can kill you in mere seconds. It is also easy to die from a high level of exhaustion and radiation. Therefore, you have to be prepared for anything! You will kick your journey off in Russia Town which is full of bandits and other online players who would not hesitate to kill you for your food and equipment. Thereafter, you will make your way to other towns. You may suffer from radiation sickness as well as toxic water. The scene is pretty well made for a mobile game.

Countless Things to Learn!

Day R Premium is a game with countless things to learn. If anything, you will polish up on all of your survival skills. While battling enemies as you travel can very challenging, you will also be able to craft countless items and acquire an abundance of resources. You will build a thousand fires and do all you can to ensure that your health improves. Granted there will be never-ending sources of frustration such as coping with many injuries but the kills, quests, and interactions with other players will make this game worthwhile Download Day R Premium For PC to enjoy an experience like no other.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Day R Premium

Day R Premium has a lot to explore. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ensure that you have the right tactics to remain alive for as long as you can:

· Have some food on you
Cooking and keeping on you is highly important. Not only will this help in keeping your hunger meter at a good level, it will also ensure that you remain alive. Instead, only make food when you will eat it, otherwise, it may go bad.

· Stock up on water
Clean water will quench your thirst and also be used for cooking and cleaning rays. As such, clean water is always a necessity. Always have at least 30-40 cans.

· Specialize in a fighting style
The primary styles of fighting are ranged and melee. While melee is easy to craft, ranged is a more reliable method of fighting. As such, choose your fighting style wisely.

· Make a base outside every city
To level the game, it is advantageous to stay in one area. As such, you will make the most out of each city before moving to a new one. You will also deposit your resources in a single place.

· Make campfire whenever you plan to sleep
To relieve your fatigue meter, you must have enough rests. By sleeping for 7-8 hours, you will feel re-energized. To ensure that you enjoy your rest without any type of disturbance, make a campfire. You will be protected from external threats.

About Day R Premium:

Developer: tltGames
Download: Android and iOS