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End of Civilization

From the creators of Shelter War: Last City, Dawn of Zombies (DoZ) is another survival game that revolves around a post-apocalyptic theme. In this release, the world as we know it has come to an end because of a nuclear incident. Luckily, you are among the humans that survived after the war. The only hope lies in the last territories of survivable land, where you have to go if you want to live. Having lost your memory, you are also on a mission to find your friend, an aberration expert who disappeared and is the only person that can help you remember what happened.

With resources dwindling, everyone is trying to scavenge for whatever little they can find to survive. At the same time, there are threats like starvation, thirst, radiation, and disease. Also, the people who could not escape conflagration, now known as the Charred, are turning into zombies and mutants.

Delve into this survival adventure by choosing to play Royal Ark’s fantastic game. The good news is that you can install either the iOS or Android versions. Alternatively, follow our installation guide to play Dawn of Zombies for PC with your computer & mouse.


A Struggle for Survival

When it comes to gameplay activities, DoZ Survival truly lives up to its name. If you want to stay alive, you have to collect resources like tomatoes, grass, mushrooms, wood planks, scrap metal, rags, concrete, and so much more. Besides scavenging, you can search corpses for anything useful. The items you gather from your immediate surroundings provide you with food and materials for crafting weapons, armor, and tools.

From building your base and rescuing survivors to fighting off bandits and the creepy Charred, there are lots of missions for players in this game. You’ll also be able to radio other settlements and trade. What’s more, some quests involve teaming up with friendly factions to raid radioactive dungeons and take down bosses.


Realistic Visuals

One aspect that makes Dawn of Zombies for PC or mobile enjoyable to play is realistic graphics. With this being a 3rd person RPG, you also get a good view of the surroundings. The game features a day and night cycle as well, along with areas covered in volumetric fog.

There are also many aberration zones to visit, from the ruins to gloomy wastelands to dark forests. Everywhere you go, the visuals remain consistently clear.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Dawn of Zombies – Survival After the Last War on PC

  • Prepare for the Worst

In Dawn of Zombies Survival, a wave of bandits or Charred mutants can attack your base of operations. Therefore, it is best to prepare for the worst. You can set traps around your shelter to keep invaders out. Also, consider repairing vehicles for a quick getaway.

  • Complete the Story Quests

On the top right corner, just below the menu icons, you’ll see text prompts of the current quest goals. Prioritize what appears on the list if you want to advance the story. If you find it hard to accomplish a particular goal, turn to auto-play mode to avoid getting stuck in one chapter.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Health

In this game, you can die of hunger and thirst. As a result, make sure to eat and drink water when your health bar gets low. Doing so at the shelter not only restores your energy but also helps with recovery from radiation and disease. With that in mind, make it a point to have some food and water bottles in your pack/sack at all times.

  • Claim your Rewards

Like any other game, Dawn of Zombies rewards players for reaching certain milestones. There is a daily quest reward that you claim in the PDA after reaching your goals in the storyline tasks. Also, be on the lookout for messages that pop up about the perseverance reward. The longer you stay in the game, the better the prize you will get.

  • Keep Scavenging

Without scavenging, you cannot get materials for crafting. Therefore, make sure to focus more on this activity when you load the game to play. As you look for supplies, this helps to level up your survivor who, in, turn gets stronger and deals more damage to adversaries during combat.

  • Utilize Stealth Mode

Finally, keep in mind that hiding in the bushes makes you invisible. Therefore, this is a smart strategy to use when you want to sneak up on some enemies and annihilate them without getting noticed.


About Dawn of Zombies - Survival After the Last War:

Dawn of Zombies is an enjoyable survival game with so much to do. You get the usual scavenging and crafting of items, which have become synonymous with such games. But, there are added dimensions like saving survivors and teaming up with factions that really make this release from Royal Ark even more fun to play. In addition, the story you play through is actually interesting, the visuals are beautiful, and players interact with intuitive controls. Overall, it is a decent action RPG that is worth considering if you are looking forward to a game that tasks you with surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Developer: Royal Ark
Download: Android or iOS

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