Darts Club For PC – Download And Install (Trailer)

How to play

How to play Darts Club on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Real-Time Multi-Player Darts Game

Darts Club is a new arcade game from Boombit designed to run on your Android or iOS device. Try playing Darts Club for PC as well to enjoy an even better experience as you compete against real opponents. By real, we don’t mean professional dart players but rather human-controlled opponents from all around the world. So, this puts Darts Club in the multiplayer arcade category. Matches are one-on-one and winning earns you coins along with other rewards that will improve your game.

Simple Gameplay

Darts Club is quite simple to play. The goal is to zero out your score before your opponent does the same. Players begin with a maximum score of 101 and take turns to throw three darts in one go. The number region you hit is deducted from your score. The first person to zero out their score wins. Getting a negative score is referred to as going “bust”, in which case your score is reset to the prior value. The game’s controls are just as simple to learn as the rules. Playing is just a matter of swiping toward the board, which admittedly is far much easier than throwing real darts at your local pub.

Customizable Darts

Each time you win a game, you get coins and a chest reward. There up to four chest slots in the game and you can get an instant victory chest after winning five consecutive matches. Coins will help you equip new parts for your darts. Chests may contain extra goodies like gems to fast-track the opening process and new parts for your darts. As you win more matches in Darts Club for PC, you will unlock new components to customize your darts. Craft the perfect dart with unique shafts, barrels, flights, and tips. New parts will improve your dart’s attributes such as aim, stability, sensitivity, and power. Your odds of winning increase as your equipment improves. Besides improving flight performance, new parts give your darts a cool and unique look.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Darts Club

• Practice More
It takes skill to hit the bullseye or even land a triple 20 score. Luckily, Darts Club offers a practice mode where you can train and perfect your aiming. Competing against the training bot during practice also prepares you mentally for PvP mode against other human players. Remember, even if you have the best darts, they will do you no good if you don’t master the art of throwing them with precision. So, practice more to hone your skills.

• Have a Strategy
A good strategy is a key ingredient to winning every match in Darts Club. In the beginning, you will be looking to hit the big numbers to drop your score fast. But, as you get closer to winning, you have to aim for specific spots that will zero out your score.

• Aim for the Glowing Section
Sometimes the dartboard glows, indicating the best section to place your shot and win the game. This happens if your score is very close to zero. So, keep an eye out for the glowing sections as you come closer to a win and minimize wasted chances.

• Think Fast
Each player gets 20 seconds to throw all the three darts during their turn. If the timer counts down to zero, you will forfeit any remaining throws. Therefore, always watch the clock and think fast when playing Darts Club.

• Speed Up Chest Opening
Crates take time to open, which means you can’t claim your rewards right away. Spend gems to open chests instantly or watch a video ad to reduce the wait time for standard crates by 1 hour.


About Darts Club:

Developer: BoomBit Games
Download: Android and iOS

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