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How to play Darkness Rises on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Download and Play “Darkness Rises” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

If you are looking for an action role play game, then Darkness Rises is the perfect game for you. With clear and gorgeous graphics, the game lets you plunge into the underworld and fight raucous demons. The player, therefore, takes part in different boss battles as you go deeper into the abyss with one goal; to kill the demons and not let them get to the safe world outside. Just at the palm of your own hands, you will feel like an unstoppable superhero batting the monstrous demons. As you venture deeper into the abyss, you acquire more skills which are put to the test. Here are some common features of the game.

Different characters

You can choose from four different characters, all who have different skills. You can choose to fight the demons with the Warrior who dazzles attacks with a sword and incorporating various skills. The Berserker uses an ax while the Wizard uses enchanting stuff to cast spells on the demons. Also in most role play games, Darkness Rises has the Assassin who is equipped with the skills to combat the hordes.

Great graphics

Thrilling graphics is one of the greatest achievements of the developers of the game. The games let you feel in the moment with the stunning and appealing graphics. The graphics make you get the perfect action RPG experience, and you will not feel dull. Also, you can customize your characters and equip them with different skills as you proceed from chapter to chapter.

Easy navigation

The game starts with a tutorial, which prepares you for more balanced complex chapters. The buttons on the right side of the screen are easy to comprehend and are meant to deliver different skills, all of which are geared towards one goal; to kill. You different characters will either slash stab or fire magic balls on the demons.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Darkness Rises

Attack button
To successfully progress and make massive milestones, you need to hold the attack button and void mashing it.

Skill combos
One of the most important things in Darkness rises is using the perfect skills to advance. As you start, you will realize that the game is quite simple. As you hit more milestones, you will need to master more skills so that no demons escape.

After every successful mission, you get a reward although sometimes you might be in a hurry to move on to the next. Always make sure that you check for rewards at the end of the mission and before proceeding.

As you play the games, you will earn currencies which you can use to upgrade the characters. Equipping each of your characters with the best skills will enhance fighting the demons and make your way through the abyss simpler.

Although the game allows you to combat other players, it also allows you to join forces when fighting demons. This is, in fact, an advantage for the levels that you feel are more difficult for you to surpass. If in case you feel that one chapter is too complicated, you can join forces with your friend to get through it.

About Darkness Rises:

Developer: NEXON Company
Download: Android and iOS