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How to play

How to play Dark Sword 2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Dark Sword 2 Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Dark Sword 2 on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Dark Hack n’ Slash – RPG Combo

If you are going to name a game Dark Sword 2, you had better back it up with hardcore grilling combat, creepy graphics, and a grave storyline to match. Well, that is at least what NANOO COMPANY Inc did, and it worked out perfectly. All characters (heroes and villains alike) in their sequel include dark silhouette figures, which are tastefully offset by detailed and colorful backdrops plus a dazzling display of multi-colored attacks.  All this amounts to some amazing artistic graphics you are sure to enjoy. And, that is just one selling point of this game.

Unlike the prequel game Dark Sword that had players trying to defeat an evil dragon, Dark Sword 2 takes place in a dark futuristic realm.  An all-connected nationwide AI system gets hacked by cyber-criminal Azi Dhaka, resulting in intelligent machines/robots programmed to eliminate humans. An unlikely ally in the form of an elite squad of female cyborgs named Fatima emerges to protect the human race. The game lets you join the rebellion as Commander of the Fatima cyborgs.

Available on both Android and IOS, you can play this game on your preferred mobile device. And, while there is no version of Dark Sword 2 for PC, you can still enjoy it on a computer using a simple installation trick that we will share with you later on in this post.

Hundreds of Challenging Levels

If you are looking for a hack n’ slash RPG that will challenge you, Dark Sword 2 is the game to play. From Return of Angels to Resistance in the Dark, you will have up to 10 levels to explore. Quests involve battling all manner of cyborg monsters and gigantic powerful bosses.

Each level features ten 3-minute missions that grow into three stages of diff iculty. The first phase is relatively easy, in which you go up against one Fatima at a time. After completing several missions, a second Squad Mode unlocks. At this point, you fight an increased number of opponents, which calls for a squad of 3 Fatima battling alongside each other. There are 6 Fatima, namely Alia, Sakura, Nova, Lingling, Roxy, and Mystic. Each hero features varying weapons and skillsets (like intelligence, agility, power, and so on). It is essential to master the abilities of all Fatima characters because squads must be compatible.

Finally, the game advances into the hardest stage, Impossible Mode. In this stage, missions will pit you against increased hordes of enemies that are hard to beat.  You will require all six Fatima to even stand a chance in these quests.

The mechanics in Dark Sword 2 are great. You can roll through enemies or jump and flip over them. Alternatively, take to the air and shoot or swing a sword at the enemy. You also have weapons at your disposal to unleash special powers.  There is a learning curve to mastering all the moves. The good news is that the game defaults to a short tutorial, which takes you through the various attack combinations before tossing you into the thick of things.

Massive Upgrade System

Like with any hack n’ slash game, you need to upgrade your Fatima from time to time to keep them ready for the next mission. For this requirement, the game features a massive “Fatima Upgrade System” where you can enhance AI, Skills, Weapons, Battle Gear, Plugins, and Insignia, to make your Fatima cyborgs more powerful. A brief tutorial on equipping and leveling up equipment becomes available after your first successful mission.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Dark Sword 2 on PC

  • Be Strategic when making Upgrades

Leveling up is an essential part of this game that will keep your Fatima battle-ready at all times. But, with all the upgrade options available, you need to play it smart and avoid making rushed moves. Aspects like skills, weapons, and gears, require regular upgrades to keep your cyborg characters lethal during fights, and consequently earn more gold and better rewards. Alternatively, it is better to hold off a little with Plugins and Insignia upgrades to get more of an impact and avoid wasting precious game commodities. To sum it up, think things through before you decide to make any upgrade.

  • Team-up to Complete Impossible Missions

No matter how highly you regard your combat skills, you cannot get through the Impossible Missions alone. The only way you will get through these missions unscathed is if you play in tag-team and co-op mode of the game.

  • Claim all the Free Goodies You Can

Dark Sword 2 is one of those games which reward players for just logging in every day.  The login prizes come in the form of 5-star equipment, free gold, fighter cores, and so much more. It does not matter whether you play or not. Just log in, claim rewards, and you will find them waiting when you have time to play. What’s more, you can also get great gifts when not playing the game by sending your Fatima on RECON Missions. Such quests are time-based and go on even after you have logged out of the game.

The game’s Shop Interface is another avenue you can explore to get free rewards daily. Get into the shop, select Special, and scroll to the bottom to get your gift. There is also the option of getting free souls by just visiting the game’s Facebook & Twitter pages (accessed at the main interface) or completing special offers.  For special offers, tap on any of the Gold, Items, Souls, and Supply Cubes tabs. You will see a “Free Souls” button at the top side, which reveals an array of offers when clicked on.

  • Use Auto-Battling When Convenient

If you are a devoted fan of hack n’ slash or RPGs, auto battling is probably the last thing you would want to use in a game. However, there are times when autoplay will serve you well. For instance, in this game, you can re-visit already completed levels and fight in auto mode to earn extra gold and rewards. You could also use the auto-battle option to slash through waves of monsters easily and fast. However, this will work out for the best if your fighters have attained high rank. Of course, you can stick to manual fighting and still defeat your foes, but keep this option in mind anyways. The one time you should refrain from using auto-battle at all costs is when fighting big bosses. Manual play is best in this instance because it gives more control, allowing you to keep attacks perfectly timed and fluid.


About Dark Sword 2:

As a sequel to Dark Sword, gamers expected great things from Dark Sword 2, and the game certainly lived up to our expectations. The beautiful silhouette graphics give the game a simple yet elegant feel while the massive content will have you hooked in no time. Whether you are trying to get through re-spawning monsters, facing the wrath of the big bosses, or engaged in tag team combat, the missions certainly push you to earn your wins. Indeed, this is one game you will not be getting tired of any time soon.

Developer: NANOO COMPANY Inc.
Download: Android or iOS

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