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Inspired by CBS’s Hit TV Show

Based on one of the longest-running CBS TV hit series, Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game is a fun crime-solving thriller. If you are a big fan of the show, playing the game on mobile instead of passively watching will offer an even much better experience. The game involves solving gruesome murders just like the show. But, this time the UnSub (unknown subject) is a serial killer. You must lead the elite team of FBI profilers at the Behavioral Analysis Unit to catch the perpetrator before he strikes again. The best part is the developer took characters directly from the hit TV series. Enjoy solving crimes alongside agents such as Alvarez, Rossi, Prentiss, among others. And, while FTX Games LTD did not create Criminal Minds: The Mobile game for PC gamers, you can still play it on your computer with an Android or iOS emulator.

An Immersive Crime-Solving Game

One of the great aspects about Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game is that it offers an immersive style of play. Much of the game’s storyline unfolds with dialogue cutscenes. There are dozens of levels in each case and you can play the first entire episode free. Playing as each member of the team, you will have to analyze the crime scene, collect evidence, as well as interview witnesses and suspects. On occasion, the team calls Penelope Garcia back at Quantico to look up old murder cases and establish any patterns. And, as the agents chat about the criminal’s motive, they build a profile to help track down the killer.

Puzzle Mini-Games

There are a lot of mini-games as well in Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game. These side-tasks provide a nice break from the intensely dramatic story, giving you a moment to take in all that is unfolding. The mini-games can include puzzles like matching thumbnails with objects in the crime scene or matching green tiles in a game of Mahjong. Whatever the task is, they help you progress in the current case and obtain important evidence.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game

• Choose Your Preferred Difficulty Level
At the beginning of a case, you can choose the difficulty between one of two levels. These include Casual & Expert. Choose the former difficulty level if you want lots of hints or select the latter for more challenging gameplay.

• Speed Up Tasks
When Playing Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game for PC, time is of the essence. You must analyze crime scenes, profile suspects and catch the UnSub before he strikes again. Investigative tasks take a few seconds, but you can speed them up with an assist. All you have to do is press and hold down the task bubble button as an agent carries out a task.

• Replay the Levels
If you don’t earn all the possible badges after clearing a level, then replay it again. This time, choose different characters instead of the same ones suggested during the story segment when playing new levels for the first time. While replaying might seem repetitive, you can skip the dialogue scenes to avoid monotony. Replaying also allows you to earn different bonuses from various characters.

• Know Your Character Stats
Each character has unique subject stats. As the character’s level increases, so do the bonuses you get for using them on any level. Tap the “I” button on each character to check their stats.

• Customize Agent Garcia’s Desk
You can spice up Penelope’s desk at Quantico with decorative items. This requires Garcia Coins, which resemble a revolver chamber. Tap on the coins on the bottom left corner of the level selection screen and choose the decorations menu to see items you can buy.


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