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Fast-Paced Racing on Four Wheels

When Magic Seven released the first version of this game, many car-racing enthusiasts fell in love with it. Its sequel, Crazy for Speed 2, promises to offer just as much thrill with fast-paced racing action and heart-pumping music playing in the background. The gameplay is very straightforward. Simply rank in the top 3, hack a certain driving skill or race to beat the minimum time. You earn coins or unlock chapters upon winning races. The controls are very simple, which makes this game easy to learn. Besides G-sensor navigation, buttons for turning left and right make playing Crazy for Speed 2 for PC very comfortable. The best part is that cars accelerate automatically, so you only need to control the braking and navigation.

Lovely Track Scenery

As you play in different modes such as career, level or prize race, the tracks in this game keep changing. Races take you to amazing venues that emulate the deserts of Nevada, Alp Mountains, Venice coastline, Tokyo’s concrete jungle, among other picturesque scenery in the backdrop. You can download Crazy for Speed 2 for PC to appreciate the improved 3-D graphics even more.

Nice Fleet Selection with Car Customization Options

Crazy for Speed 2 now comes with a larger selection of cars to choose from compared to the original version. The cars fall in different ranks such as C, B, A or S, which determines their maximum speed. You can always check the rank of a car by checking the top left corner of the garage screen. Initially, only one C-rank vehicle is available for racing, but you can unlock more cars by spending accumulated coins. For players who want to dominate leaderboards right off the bat, there is an option to make in-app purchases for coins that can be used to unlock fast cars such as those in the S-rank category, which cruise at more than 400km/hr.

When it comes to customizations, the only thing you can do is modify the color or increase speed and acceleration of your selected racecar. However, you must use coins for the car upgrades.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Crazy for Speed 2

• Learn How to Drift on Sharp Corners
In some of the tracks, there can be very sharp corners that make it difficult to keep the car in control when making a turn. Mastering the drifting ability will come in handy in such situations, allowing you to avoid going off track, crashing into the road barriers, and slowing down.

Drifting simply involves pressing the brake button while using the navigation controls at the same time. To avoid being caught off guard on corners, look out for the turn signs or check your vehicle location (represented by a different colored moving dot) on the map.

• Boost Speed with Nitro [N2O]
Make sure to hit the blue nitro boosters spread out at regular intervals on every track. This will accelerate your car to exceed its maximum speed for a few seconds. It is a great way to catch up when trailing behind or extend your lead in a race.

• Get Free Rewards by Watching Ad Clips
Crazy for Speed 2 rewards players for watching video ads. You may get an opportunity to do so at the start of a race, or at the bottom part on the ranking page at the end of a battle. You may win free coins or super nitro after watching the ad clips.

About Crazy for Speed 2:

Developer: MAGIC SEVEN
Download: Android and iOS