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How to play Counter Sniper Shooting on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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First-Person Shooter

Counter Sniper Shooting is yet another FPS from Million Games, the same creators behind Sniper Strike Ops. In this version though, your vantage point will always be overlooking a highway, just as the game’s name implies. You have to scout the traffic for bad guys and blast their vehicles. On occasion, police cars may be the target. While this may sound easy, moving vehicles can be a tad bit challenging to gun down. Some missions also involve shooting at armed criminals and suicide bombers who are walking by the roadside. Playing Counter Sniper Shooting on PC never gets boring because each level you unlock will involve a new mission. Completing mission objectives will earn you coins and if you make headshots, you get extra cash.

Great Graphics & Sound Effects

Counter Sniper Shooting has good graphics. Just like in Sniper Strike Ops, this FPS game also shows bullets traveling to targets in slow motion if your precision is on point. The scenes look realistic as you zoom in your scope to search for your target along the busy highway. Witness the work of your deadly shots firsthand as cars blow up in flames, fly into heir air or even roll over several times. On the other hand, human targets grunt and bleed when shot. Other sound effects work well too. There is a loud bang every time you pull the trigger. Gunshots may cause innocent bystanders to run for dear life. Shooting feels even more realistic thanks to the sound of dropping shells and clipping sounds that accompany the gun reloading animation.

Simple Controls

There aren’t many games that make the act of shooting the main reason to play. But, Counter Sniper Shooting does a great job at that with its intuitive controls. You only need to execute three actions. The first one is finding your target. This simply requires scrolling the screen horizontally and vertically to view your surroundings. Secondly, you will use the zooming function on the left side of the screen. It looks like a slider, making it easy to reduce or increase your zoom magnification for better clarity. The third and final action is firing your weapon at the tap of one button. The best part is you don’t have to reload your weapon as this part is fully automated.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Counter Sniper Shooting on PC

Million Games developed this first-person-shooter for mobile gamers. However, the action is just as smooth when playing Counter Sniper Shooting on PC. Whichever platform you prefer, here are a few tips and tricks to help you become a deadly highway sniper that never misses:

• Watch the Crosshair Pattern
Before you pull the trigger, always keep an eye on the crosshair pattern. This sighting device lets you know when to open fire. When your shot is on target, the X’ reticle turns into a round dot. Use that to your advantage to avoid missing your targets.

• Acquire New Rifles
There are different ways to unlock new guns. The game may reward you with a new rifle after completing certain levels. Alternatively, use the coins you earn to buy new guns from the Armory. You can unlock a couple of guns as well by watching a video ad or sharing Counter Sniper Shooting with your friends on Facebook.

• Choose the Right Gun for Each Level
Don’t go into an op with the wrong gun. Make sure your rifle has the minimum fire rate for the current mission. Sometimes this requirement is indicated at the beginning of a new level. In timed missions, a rifle with a high reload-time percentage would be the best choice.


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