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How to play

How to play Cooking Joy 2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Fun Cooking Game

Do you like to cook or dream of owning a restaurant one day? Well, playing Cooking Joy 2 on PC or mobile can be a great way to celebrate your passion for food. In this simulation game, you take on the role of a Chef. Gameplay involves fulfilling customer orders. When customers show up, you tap on ingredients on the screen and place them in appliances to prepare the food or beverage. Once the food is ready, you serve the customers and get paid. Everything is so seamlessly that the experience simulates what it is like to be in the kitchen of an actual eatery.

Complete Different Goals

One thing that makes playing Cooking Joy 2 on PC and mobile fun is that each level challenges you to complete new goals. Your objective might involve something like earning a certain amount of money, serving X number of plates, not burning the food, or getting likes from customers. Other times, the challenge may be to reach those goals within a limited time, all while trying to avoid customers from pilling up on the serving counter. The game itself challenges your finger reflexes because customers never stop coming until you reach or exceed the level’s goal.

Amazing Menu & Locations

Cooking Joy 2 takes place on an Island. The wide menu and locations in the game keep it fresh and interesting to play. Customers can order coffee, French fries, hot dogs, burgers, and a whole host of other tasty foods. Although you begin the game operating from a food truck, new restaurants and foods will unlock as the game progresses. You collect keys upon completing each level. Those keys unlock new eateries where you will work and showcase your cooking skills. This sequel now even comes with the new Romantic Italy Restaurant that boasts of up to 30 unexplored levels.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Cooking Joy 2

• Prepare Dishes in Advance
If a certain type of food takes time to prepare and customers like to order it often, cook in advance. You can then store the dish in the food box. With this approach, you will avoid keeping the customers waiting for too long.

• Multi-task
Cooking Joy is a time management game that requires quick hands and fast thinking. The last thing you want to do when there are lots of customers waiting for their orders is to complete one task at a time. Instead, multi-task to keep the line flowing. This will also help you to reach your goals faster.

• Use Boosters
There are boosters you can choose before starting each level. Using boosters helps you complete levels more easily.

• Upgrade Your Food & Appliances
You can upgrade your cooking equipment and menu. This will cost you coins but will be well worth it given the benefits that come along with upgrades. Upgrading a dish increases its price, allowing you to earn more money. The capacity for cooking equipment increases when upgraded. Ultimately, upgrading food and appliances will help you to complete levels faster and makes your restaurant look better.


About Cooking Joy 2:

Developer: Top Girl Games
Download: Android and iOS

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