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How to play Cookies Must Die on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Enjoyable 2D Platformer

Rebel Twin has done it again by designing a fun, and amazing free-to-play game known as Cookies Must Die. And, this time it is a roller coaster of unlocking your way to the next level, collecting in-game currency, before finally battling the boss that you need to defeat to get to the next chapter.

Once you gather enough in-game money, it can buy you new heroes and upgrades. You also get weapons and gadgets by progressing through the game.

It’s worth noting that Cookies Must Die for PC or mobile is from the same publisher behind popular games like Dragon Hills 2, and Daddy was a Thief. As a result, you can expect it to be worth your while.

Characters Featured in the Game

There are different roles in Cookies Must Die. As such, it is essential to know what they are so that you can understand what the game is all about. Firstly, you play as the hero jack, who is a deadly fighter with ninja like skills. Secondly, there are the mutated villain cookies, and thirdly, their creators the bosses.

Essentially, Cookies Must Die is an up-down & side-scrolling 2D platformer that is super fun to play. And, right from the beginning to the end, the game keeps you captivated. So, Jack moves back and forth across the arena, crushing, smashing, and destroying mutated villain cookies. He has been implanted with special powers by government scientists in this realm to enable him to fight with the enemies and complete the task at hand.

Utimately, not even a single tough cookie can survive his wrath. With skill and tact, every one of them will be utterly ruined to mere crumbs before they devastate the town.  And, that is the same fate that awaits their creators as well.

Easy to Control

Even though this game is fast-paced, the designers added a slow-motion mode to make it easier for beginners. Once you get the hang of playing Cookies Must Die for PC or mobile, then you will be able to handle the controls easily. All you need to do is swipe on the screen horizontally and vertically to jump or move and use the slow-motion effect to shot with accuracy.

Through the use of the slingshot mechanism, you can maneuver through each level with ease. However, when you come into contact with the enemy, you have to determine the direction of your sling attack.

As you are doing this, the slow-motion effect kicks in again. Therefore, the game will slow down, making it easy for you to make the shot against the villain. The effect enables you to change directions while passing through enemy territory without getting injured.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Cookies Must Die on PC

  • The Tact For Reaching Next Level

As you are playing, sling yourself against the enemy to be able to collect the key that will usher you to the next level of the game. While doing this, you will also be gathering in-game currency.

  • Use the In-game Currency

The in-game currency is known as gems. Make sure to earth as much of it as possible because your progress in the game depends on it. You can trade gems at the in-game store for the premium coins. These coins are the ones used to trade for heroes in the game and also to upgrade. They can also buy loot boxes, which contain new gadgets and weapons.

  • Use the Slow Motion Effect

Another useful tip while playing this game is to master the slow-mo effect. Besides helping you land precise hits against foes, this effect will allow you to analyze the enemy’s next move. What’s more, you can shoot your target and change directions simultaneously without getting hurt while in slow motion mode.

  • Pull off Acrobatic Stunts

Finally, that this game has impressive moves that make it fun to play. As Jack runs through the arena, he can jump up and do summersaults in mid-air. Besides looking great, the stunts give a perfect view of the villains from all angles. And, with this ability, you will be able to finish foes in style while having a blast at the same time.


About Cookies Must Die:

This is a fun and enjoyable Platformer designed to play on Android and IOS devices. Rebel twin is the developer of Cookies Must Die. You play as a secret agent, Jack, who has been implanted with scientific powers. Your job is to stop the mutant cookies that want to destroy the world. You also do the same to the bosses that have created them. By pulling off acrobatic moves, firing a gun, and using an array of weapons at your disposal, you move through the levels and chapters of the game conquering the foes. Just remember, every cookie should die along with all the other sweet characters you shall find in the game because they are all dangerous.

Developer: Rebel Twins
Download: Android or iOS

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