Combat Master Mobile FPS for PC – Install on Mac or Windows

Tactical Gunfight Missions

If you are into gunfight shooting games, Combat Master Mobile FPS is an action-packed creation worth trying. In this creation from Alpha Bravo Inc, you take on the role of a special forces soldier who takes on enemies in close-quarter combat.

As part of a strike force team, you work with allies to take out a rival side within a limited period. The challenges take on a team deathmatch format.

Players keep respawning on the battlefield when they lose a life. However, the side that scores the most kills wins the round once time runs out.

Modern Warfare Combat

When it comes to arming your soldier, this game does not disappoint. You get to go into battle armed with modern assault rifles as your primary weapon. For a secondary weapon, you can go with a knife, pistol, or something else.

Every gun has base stats such as mobility, control, range, accuracy, fire rate, and damage that vary, depending on your choice of firearm. You can also use the riflescope for aiming long-range shots or resort to the iron sights when fast shooting at close targets is the way to go. And when you feel like blowing things up, pull the pin o hand grenades and hurl them at rivals.

Completing quests earns you player XP and allows your combatant to rank up. At some point, you will be able to add tactical and perks weapons to your loadout. You can switch between weapons at any time freely, which provides a dynamic gameplay experience where you go from shooting to slaughtering and even blowing up enemies in an instant.

Do Battle in Amazing Locations

Another fun aspect of playing Combat Master Mobile FPS is that you do battle in various locations. Make the transition from the Power Station to the Subway and the Museum. Each arena provides different tactical advantages that you can use in battle.

Besides the 3D game graphics, the game controls also provide a realistic experience. With no aim-snap or auto-fire, players get complete control over their rifles. You are also responsible for using the reload button when you run out of ammo. The navigation joystick with the squat, climb, jump, and dash buttons make the movements seem realistic while battling rival combatants.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Combat Master Mobile FPS on PC

• Take Cover

The different battlefield locations in this game provide plenty of places to hide. Walls, stacked crates, LED ad boards, trains, and more, there are plenty of places to take cover whenever taking enemy fire or as you reload ammo. Doing so will reduce the damage your combatant incurs. Remember, the longer you stay alive, the more players you can take out and aid your team in winning.

• Tweak Game Settings

Playing Combat Master Mobile FPS provides an immersive experience thanks to the game’s triple-A graphics quality. However, low-end devices may experience some lag. If the game gets fuzzy or hangs intermittently during play, consider changing the graphics settings. You can set the quality to low or medium instead of high and ultra to enjoy a smoother gameplay experience.

• Take Out Multiple Targets

Hand grenades in combat Master Mobile FPS are fun to use. However, make sure to make the most of them by taking out multiple targets at once. Remember, each kill you make adds to the score of your team. If you see multitudes of rivals hurled up in one location, hurl a hand grenade to score multiple points for your side.

• Identify Your Enemies

Finally, the last thing you want when playing Combat Master Mobile FPS is to take out your own teammates. To avoid confusion, always identify rival combatants by spotting the red mark that floats above their heads. On the other hand, your teammates have a blue marker instead.

How to play

How to play Combat Master Mobile FPS on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Combat Master Mobile FPS Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Combat Master Mobile FPS on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.



About Combat Master Mobile FPS:

Combat Master Mobile FPS is a multiplayer gun-fighting game where you compete in team deathmatch battles. Players enter the battle arenas armed to the teeth with sniper or assault rifles, pistols, handguns, explosives, and knives. Using your chosen weapon loadout, you take out rival combatants in close-quarter combat. Each time you annihilate an enemy, your team scores points. Players have infinite lives and resurrect upon being killed. However, there is a time limit to each match. The side that scores the most points wins once the time runs out. Play this fantastic first-person shooter with triple-A graphics on your PC by installing it using the steps shared in this guide.

Developer: Alpha Bravo Inc
Download: Android or iOS

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