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Mafia Simulation Game In The Hood

City of Crime: Gang Wars is a game that will take you on a fun experience into the criminal underworld. Be it on TV or the gaming industry, the mafia or organized crime is one of the most successful fictional genres of all time. Whether it is how the portrayed crime bosses operate under a criminal code or the extent to which they are willing to go to avenge the death of one of their own, audiences lap up these stories.

With City of Crime: Gang Wars, you get to be in the thick of it. You will experience the life of a modern-day mafia don.

This game does things differently by subjecting players to varying storylines. You could find yourself playing as the son of a slain crime lord who returns home to avenge his father’s death and recover his rightful legacy.

Alternatively, you could land the role of an up-and-coming crime boss who returns from prison determined to rebuild his criminal empire and hunt down whoever framed him.

Regardless of how you begin, the journey remains the same. You will be fighting your way from the bottom to be the king of the underworld.

The game flows through engrossing chapters (Homecoming, Formal Introduction, Mean Streets, Unwelcome Guest, etc.) that make you want to keep playing to see what happens next. Your particular story (and journey) gets told through conversation snippets between your crew as they chat amongst themselves and discuss strategy.

Build A Befitting Empire

As the name indicates, this game takes place in a city setting. Your main goal will be to get your criminal organization running smoothly again. For the most part, this will involve setting up a slew of buildings. You begin with securing the services of a construction firm that belongs to one of your old pals Duke.

More tasks will follow, including things like building a drop site to create cash flow, constructing a road for ferrying contraband, buying a scrap yard, and then transforming it into your base of operations.

As the game progresses, you get to build pretty much everything one would need to secure a stronghold in the underworld. For instance, this includes things like an Ammo Factory, Arms Workshop, training Fight Club, Clinic, Boot Camp, Safe House, Shooting Range, and Command Center.

Every building serves a vital role. For instance, the fight club unlocks your hard-hitting enforcer squad, having two construction firms allows you to upgrade two things in one go, while an arms workshop ensures you are ready for war at any time.

To top it up, every structure you build earns you a set of rewards (contraband, gold, guns, & speed) that you will need to perform other tasks in the game.

Display Your Dominance

As you are putting up the infrastructure for your criminal organization, you will also need to build up your reputation. Organize hostile takeovers of enemy turfs and show your might by taking out those who dare cross you. Also, do not forget to enjoy the fruits of your criminal undertakings.

You could fight for supremacy during the day and while your nights away at bars and clubs. Spoil yourself and your crew with top-of-the-line fast cars. Remember, crime is not just a business; it is a lifestyle, and City of Crime: Gang Wars expects you to live yours to the fullest.

That said, you have to be smart about how you do things. You could endeavor to keep your people loyal by investing in their well-being. Resources like transport, training & boot camps, a clinic for treating the wounded, safehouse, and a shooting range are crucial. They increase the proficiency as well as the number of your armed members.

It is vital that you also take the time to form sound strategies to gain the upper hand in dicey battles and gain some allies by settling feuds between rival gangs. After all, this is a strategy game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing City of Crime: Gang Wars on PC

• Keep Your Crew Busy

Having an abundance of resources is vital in this game. It enables you to expand your territory, increase your squad, upgrade buildings, and even level up characters. For this reason, you should never leave any of your people idle.

One way to keep busy is to send your crew on errands. For instance, they can deal with the police, supervise shipments, collect essential pickups, or oversee operations at the club. A successful expedition can earn you well over a thousand gold bars. Therefore, you have to ensure you assign the right person for the job.

When assigning errands, you will see a success bar at the top of the screen. Keep flipping through the available crewmembers until the bar displays a 100% success rate.

Aside from handing out marching orders, you can also assign your top guys to various buildings to boost their effectiveness and earn bonuses. For example, you can designate Uncle Ramirez, your trusted advisor, the title of shipment/arms supervisor. On the other hand, your best friend Enya would make an excellent production supervisor of contraband.

• Upgrade Your Buildings

Leveling up buildings leads to the unlocking of more. So, make it a point to upgrade as you go. Focus on your base specifically because it serves as the primary building for everything.

Upgrades only cost you a few pieces of contraband and gold, which is something you make in abundance during play. You should also note that a timer activates for each upgrade, which you can speed up by trading gems for instant level-ups.

• Do As The Game Suggests

With City of Crime: Gang Wars, you never have to wonder about what to do next as the game practically plays itself. You will notice a task pop up at the bottom-left side of the screen. It remains white when something needs doing and glows green once a mission gets completed.

The game also has a pointer feature that directs you to where you need to tap to complete whatever task is at hand. Since there is an order to how things play out, follow both of these prompts, and you will find yourself making good progress.

Following what game characters are saying is another way to stay on top of your game. In addition to being thoroughly entertaining, the back and forth banter serves as instructions on what needs to do next.

• Fight Smart

After you build a command center, get your base to level-5. Next, make sure to have a level-1 hero leader. Once that is done, you will unlock the full combat feature. At this point, the game enables you to engage in real-time street battles, where the key to winning is applying sound strategies.

You can form fighting crews complete with Front, Mid, and Rear squads. Before attacking, always consider how powerful your opponent is and use your enforcers, gunners, and bikers well.

How to play

How to play City of Crime: Gang Wars on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install City of Crime: Gang Wars Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
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About City Of Crime: Gang Wars

Who needs to be a monster slayer when you can be the ruler of the underworld and have criminals quiver at the very mention of your name? Crime games are popular because they allow you to live out your darkest fantasy. City of Crime: Gang Wars does not disappoint on this front. From establishing a close-knit crime family to engaging in full-on turf wars alongside your brothers to having the power to order the elimination of your enemies, the underworld depiction of this game is incredible. You get to experience all of it in a realistic setting. That is all thanks to 4k graphics and real-time AI calculations. The game is easy to pick up and does not have any complicated mechanics. And the best part is you will never run out of things to do as the story keeps evolving as gameplay continues to open up.

Developer: FingerFun Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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