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Relaxing Chores Game

Playing Chores! – Spring into Cleaning on PC or your mobile device can be a very relaxing experience. As you may have guessed from the self-explanatory title of this casual game, it’s all about doing everyday tasks that you would usually do at home. However, the fun part is that you don’t actually get to do the chores but rather the game simulates what they would be like to work on in real life.

The tasks to expect in this game are your everyday chores that you may perhaps be feeling lazy to do or have kept postponing for a while. For example, you will shine shoes, wash the car, clean the pool, vacuum the rug, mow grass, scrub the gas stove, among many other housekeeping errands. Although this is only a game, completing the tasks might inspire you to spring into cleaning.

RPG Elements

Another engaging feature that the developers chose to include in this game is role-playing gameplay. As a result, you can look forward to something else to break the monotony of constantly performing cleaning tasks.

You play the game as a young boy who one day walks into his room and finds it empty. To get all your stuff back, you have to complete the chores that mum assigns you.

There are also some conversations between the two characters as you advance through the levels. For every completed task, you earn coins, which you can then use to buy items for decorating your room. Besides cash prizes, sometimes the game throws you a new cleaning tool to use on the chores.

Simple Gameplay Mechanics & Realistic Graphics

When it comes to playing this game, carrying out the cleaning chores is not complicated at all. Depending on the task, you only have to swipe on the screen or drag items to match them.

Despite the simple controls, some of the levels will also challenge your fine motor skills. For instance, you may have to wait for the perfect timing to fill a bowl with some cereal, or continually drag a watering can over a moving flower pot.

Whether you choose to play Chores! – Spring into Cleaning for PC or the default mobile version, this game feels authentic on any gadget. That’s because of the realistic graphics that depict cleaning up real-life messes. You will get the satisfaction of seeing a hot iron work its magic on a creased up shirt or even a muddy car become shiny and squeaky clean after a good scrub. And, the best part is that there are lots of chores to keep you busy.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Chores! – Spring into Cleaning on PC

  • Keep Going

During every chore, you will see a percentage bar at the top of your screen. Keep an eye on it because it shows how much you’ve progressed with the task at hand. More often than not, the game will notify you that you have completed the chore even before the progress bar reaches 100%. However, instead of tapping the green button to move onto the next task, keep swiping on the screen to fill up the completion bar. Doing so might seem unnecessary but it will earn you extra coins.

  • Triple Your Rewards

Once you clear several levels, the game will prompt you to collect your coin reward. Additionally, you can triple the cash by watching a video ad. Grab this opportunity to rake up lots of coins because some of the items you need to decorate the room are very expensive.

  • Claim Dad’s Gift

On some of the levels, you will see a box on the top left corner of your screen wrapped like a present, which keeps bouncing. Tap it, and you will receive a congratulatory message letting you know that dad has rewarded you for your hard work. The gift can contain a bountiful loot of 3,000 to 4,000 coins, but you have to watch an advertisement to claim it. Keep in mind, though, the gift box only appears on some of the levels. Therefore, take advantage every time it pops-up.

  • Decorate the Room with Free Items

Lastly, look out for items with the label ‘free’ when you are looking for things to decorate your room. However, this requires you to watch a video ad as well. If you are saving up coins for an expensive item, then the free furnishings are worth it since they add to the room’s décor at no cost.


About Chores! - Spring into Cleaning:

Chores! - Spring into Cleaning can inspire you to work on those seemingly never-ending daily household errands or a to-do-list that you have been putting off for a while. On the other hand, you can just play this game to get rid of boredom. It simulates cleaning real-life messes, but the fun part is that you don’t actually get dirty and busy doing tasks that require some muscle and elbow grease. Besides having lots of chores to complete, there is also some role-playing and room decorating gameplay. Although the cleaning tasks can start to feel repetitive after a while, the good thing is that you only get to work on chores that last for less than a minute.

Developer: Lion Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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