Chaos Battle League On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install

Download and Play “Chaos Battle League” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Create Some Chaos!

Unlike traditional combat games, Chaos Battle League brings something new to the table; a wonderful sense of anything-can-happen’ absorbing that will keep you glued to the screen for a better part of your gameplay.
Refreshing and funny, the game is perfect for players who do not consider the carnage of real football or the wreckage of cars satisfying enough for their taste.
As one of the best strategy-flavored experiences that you will ever have, this tower defense game is complete with an abundance of maniacal action that is accompanied by rules and morality.
Apart from playing the game on your mobile phone, you can also Download Chaos Battle League for PC.

A fantasy Football Game Like No Other

When it comes to making your moves on the fields of this battle league, tactics are far more important than arcade action. You can set up formations, work together with other players, throw the ball and beat the hell out of the opposition just to get ahead, all in efforts to offer tower defense.
Players can play in real-time, in real-time with the option of pausing the action and in turn-based mode; whereby they can issue orders and get the players in the position that they desire.

Go For Brutality

In the playing arena, brutality is more important than talent. Even if you Download Chaos Battle League for PC, once the ball is tossed onto the field (courtesy of an exploding pig), then the players duke it out. They knock out their foes and ensue all kinds of attacks to ensure that they are the last men standing.
When playing, special moves like sprinting and casting spells are added into your overall hit points. It is important to know that this is not your mama’s soccer play.
The game focuses on an elegance to its violence. For instance, when you knock out the opposition, you will be dragged into a melee.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Chaos Battle League

Chaos Battle League is a multiplayer game that pits you against the world in Clash royal matches. Therefore, you need the best strategy to succeed. These includes:
• Practice, practice, practice!
Practice makes perfect is a saying that e can never get tired of hearing. In order to be good at the game, it is important to try out different elements and polish your skills in every way that you can. This way, you will become better at it. Never be comfortable with your playing ability. Always seek to improve.

• Read up on your troop cards
The troops that you will encounter on the battle leagues come from all sorts of periods and eras. Therefore, it is your best interest to read about each creature as this will help you in figuring out their strengths and weaknesses. Needless to say, this will come in handy during battle.

• Try out all kinds of cards
Chaos Battle League allows its players to use different types of cards indulging troops, buildings, and spells.

a) Troops: these are the most common types of cards and they basically march towards the enemy’s base. All troops have a number of special abilities.

b) Building: Some buildings act like mine turrets while others will spawn n troops of their own, either way, buildings have multiple functions that will positively affect your gameplay.

c) Spells: These cards offer an instant type of targeted ability that can easily damage your opponent. There are spells that take out buildings quickly while others damage troops.

• Get free cards
The game gives free cards through the TOASTR after every few hours. Once the cards are ready, take the advantage of them. However, you must have a TOASTR in the queue to get the free cards.

About Chaos Battle League:

Developer: This Game Studio, Inc.
Download: Android and iOS