Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Enjoy Challenging and Innovate Gameplay

Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels is a fast-paced, strategic card game that boasts of simple mechanics and intense duel. If you love combat then this is a game that you will certainly enjoy. The unique gaming twist allows the players to build decks using the right positioning. Strategy plays a huge role when you face your attackers.

Defeat Your Opponent

Your main objective is to destroy all your opponents’ monsters. Each player hand consists of eight monsters and eight items. In this case, monsters are your troops. You can equip them with items like weapons, armor, and spells in order to ensure that they are ready for battle. Download Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels for PC in order to play your cards in the best positions.

Know The Monsters

The monsters can be deployed in the slots that are labeled center, left and right. As such, when playing you must place your card in the numbered order. You are free to place a monster of your choice in any slot, but the slots only allow for specific monsters to attack them. You should be strategic if you want your monsters to emerge victorious.

Attack Mode

Monsters come in one of four attack styles: Melee, Magic, Ranged and Chaos. In order to attack effectively, it is important to design a good deck and deploy cards effectively. Specific attack types target different things. For instance, melee attackers are known to attack the monster right in front of them first. On the other hand, ranged attackers prioritize attacking the monster that is located diagonally. Download Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels for PC to enjoy a diverse set of cards and better your attack techniques.

Move up the Ranks

With each level of the game that you play, you will be able to move up the ranks. This gives you the opportunity to get better and rarer cards in your pack. As you get better, you can confidently enjoy an Arena mode for PVP battles or special card packs and prizes.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels

Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels is a spectacular game that requires the best of strategies to emerge successful. The following tips and tricks will ensure that you enjoy the game and emerge victorious:

· Firstly, as you play, ensure you join the strongest guilds in order to have the strongest attackers as part of your team.

· Optimize all the items and equipment you collect wisely in order to have an upper hand against your foes.

· Learn all the rules of the game before playing in order to ensure that you do not make any mistakes and maneuver easily through the levels.

· Complete the quests as they are designed to lead you smoothly into your early game career. When you complete quests, you will get coins and crafting materials as rewards.

. Practice makes perfect. Play as much as you can in order to better your skills.

· Take advantage of weapon item cards as they will provide your monsters with protection. This enables them to take some more punishment from physical attacks.

Developer: MU77 Studio
Download: Android and iOS