Caravan War On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Trailer and GamePlay)

Download and Play “Caravan War” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Build the Best Empire

There is nothing better than taking complete control of an epic empire. To ensure that it remains safe and secure, you have to defend it at all costs by battling and destroying whoever comes your way. As one of the best tower defense games, Caravan War has found its niche on touch screens and many Android phones. However, unlike other similar games, Caravan War does not only rely on the battle, it is a half tower defense, half resource management game.

Join the Convoy of Traders

A small convoy of traders is taking goods for exchange to various destinations. You have to join them in their endeavors. However, before exchanging their goodies for gold, chests and hero cards, you need to build headquarters that will train those who guard your Caravan-this is where the real battle begins. You will be required to recruit new players who can store vehicles and ensure your building is safe and sound at all times. Download Caravan War for PC to take charge of your team of soldiers.

Grow As You Go

The game lets you kick things off in a 2D isometric environment. Even so, you still have the opportunity to grow as you go. As you upgrade, you will be able to better your environment, buildings as well as your fighters. If you have played other defense games before, the layout will certainly be familiar. Your main aim is to destroy the Caravan and steal everything in it, including the lovely cargo that will be useful in your own trade.

Raid and Defend

The three main parts oo this game are offense, defense, and the city. To be the best offensive player, you need to rob Caravans that are transporting valuable materials across the city. On defense, you will assume the role of the Caravan owner where you need to ensure your caravan can withstand attack from other players. It does not matter if you are on the offense or defense, any time you are moving around this city, you need to be on alert. When you Download Caravan War for PC, you will easily raid goods that will enable you to upgrade your city.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Caravan War For PC

Caravan War is one of those tower defense games that you simply want to conquer. Follow these tips and tricks to lead your kingdom to victory:

· Know your units
Do not be in a rush to build your town. Beforehand, ensure that you take a minute to look at your units and familiarize with all of their attributes including their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you will know exactly how to use them.

· Keep upgrading
The best way to keep up with the increasing difficulty of the ambushes from your opponents is by upgrading your units as well as your towers. By keeping yourself funded when sending out your caravan on trade missions, you will easily upgrade when you need to.

· Set out an ambush
The rewards for a successful mission are pivotal in your gameplay. After 10 ambush attempts, you will be rewarded with an Ambush Chest which holds rare and epic rewards.

· Keep your trade routes busy
Trading will turn your cargo into precious coins. By keeping your trade routes active, you will come back with a handful of coins. Busy routes will give you a continuous stream of income.

· Play the campaign
Here, you will earn general rewards and unlock new towers during ambushes.

About Caravan War:

Developer: HIKER GAMES
Download: Android and iOS