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How to play Car Industry Tycoon - Idle Car Factory Simulator on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Fun Vehicle Assembly Idle Clicker

Car Industry Tycoon is an idle clicker game where you can become a “business mogul.” Your main aim is to manage a car production company and make exponential profits in the process.

Once you download and Install the game on your PC, you can play it offline. Additionally, there are many activities with incremental mechanics that allow you to play at your preferred pace and style, thus personalizing the experience.

Do you want to manage employees, develop ideas, make sound business decisions, or grow to form the largest profitable business in the world? An amazing entrepreneurial fantasy awaits you in this car assembly idle clicker game.

Workers Come First

Conducive working conditions will make your employees more productive, and as a result, the company will be profitable. There are several ways to achieve this goal. For starters, increasing the parking space in the company enables you to hire more workers. Consequently, by having a larger workforce, production goes up and profits will rise.

Secondly, well rested and fed workers will make your factory thrive. For this reason, the employees have a resting area where they go to relax and unwind. You can also upgrade the room and add vending machines to ensure they come to work fully recharged. Doing so will ultimately boost their productivity. Workers usually perform two tasks, but after resting, output doubles because their strength renews.

Remember, if you want to keep growing in the game, looking after the welfare of workers is essential. Therefore, hire temporary laborers to assist the permanent ones when the workload increases.

Perks for Purchase at the In-Game Shop

Car Industry Tycoon features an in-game shop where you can go and make several purchases. For instance, you can invest in snacks and chests or the premium currency using real money. There are also vending machines, car parts plus accessories, booster for extra profits, and starter packs at the shop.

Additionally, higher salaries, more energy, PV profits, new machines, faster belts, production bonus time, and elite upgrades are also available for purchase at the shop. All of these mentioned upgrades will help take you further in the game.

On the other hand, when you have made enough money, you can improve the factory. Doing this allows the vehicle assembly plant to have better equipment, thereby maximizing production. Of course, that also means more profits are going to come your way.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Car Industry Tycoon – Idle Car Factory Simulator on PC

  • Finish Quests

Car Industry Tycoon game has many engaging quests. Once you complete each one successfully, you get rewards. For example, clean the solar panels to get money or special offers like being invited to change the factory’s steel supplier and double your profits.

  • Buy Upgrades

There are many improvements you can make in the Car Industry Tycoon game that will take you further as you are playing. For example, make upgrades to the entrance booth to reduce the entry time for workers, and likewise, to the exit booths. That way, the workers can change shifts more swiftly. You could also upgrade the factory machines to earn more cash.

  • Hire a Manager

In the Car Industry Tycoon game, you can hire a manager to run the factory on your behalf. He is a permanent employee and will collect the profits while working for you ten hours straight to increase the factory’s productivity.

  • Watch video Ads

There are numerous video ads you can watch in exchange for a variety of goodies. Usually, you will only spend 30 seconds on them to reap the benefits. For instance, if an investor wants to inject some capital in your enterprise, you can just watch a short video to get their money. Additionally, you can get instant production on all your assembly lines or launch a marketing campaign by watching a video ad.


About Car Industry Tycoon - Idle Car Factory Simulator:

Car Industry Tycoon is an idle game that delves into auto-mobile manufacturing. Your main aim is to manage the assembly plant and grow it to make crazy profits. The game has about 12 levels of building unique vehicles from scratch. You can head to the menu and click on the stats button to watch your progress. This section reveals lots of information such as the total car value, production time, number of active machines, parking, as well as entrance and exit efficiency. Furthermore, you hire workers to assist you in achieving your goals in the factory. Overall, it is a fun idle clicker that you can play on your free time and put your managerial skills to the test.

Developer: Adrian Zarzycki
Download: Android or iOS

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