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How to play Bullet League - 2D Battle Royale on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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2D Platformer Battle Royale

Many app developers have been trying to provide something unique when it comes to last-man-standing games, and Bullet League for PC is just one such title that attempts to stand out from the pack. It is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with all the makings of a battle royale. 

While this game is nothing like PUBG or Fortnite, it is just as fun to play and full of action. It pits 32 players against each other. Only one person will emerge the sole survivor as the goal is to eliminate everyone. Typical of similar games in this genre, there is also a deadly grid closing in on the players. As such, this means contestants will ultimately have to face each other.

At the beginning of the game, players spawn randomly in the vast mystical island. It is full of ancient ruins, wild jungles, hidden rooms and areas waiting for you to explore as you gather resources and search for weaponry. But, remember that ark rivals could be waiting for you in any corner. 

Since this is a 2D game, there is no real virtual world to explore. Instead, much of the game involves scrolling up and down or moving left to right across the screen. Moving from one place to place will entail climbing up lots of platforms or walking on ledges.

Fortunately, the controls are straightforward to use. The navigation D-pad is to the left while the jump and attack buttons are on the right. There is also the inventory at the bottom of the screen where you select what gathered items to use. 

If you love to play games on the go, this title from Funday Factory has both an iOS and Android version. The fights are in real-time, thus settings the stage for competitive matches.


Amazing Gunplay Features

Whether you choose to play Bullet League for PC, on your phone or using a tablet, the game offers incredible gunplay effects that you are sure to love. Although the game has lots of animations, perhaps the most impressive one is the bullet physics effect. Due to heavy recoil, your gun will literally become a helicopter as you fire at opponents. 

For a 2D game, Bullet League has charming graphics along with background music that makes it fun to play. You’ll find all sorts of weapons up for grabs, from flame throwers to machine guns. What’s more, the combat is fun to watch because each firearm shoots projectiles differently accompanied by a unique visual effect.


Free Loot for the Taking

Just like any battle royale, players land in the Bullet League world with nothing. So, you have to farm for every survival item, be it weapons or supplies. For the most part, what you need can be found by simply exploring the game world.

However, there is a ‘Cryo Delivery’ that comes at regular intervals bearing lots of free loot. You have to locate the drop location and break through the chest to gather what you need. Just be careful of other players who might catch you off-guard.

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Tips & Tricks for Playing Bullet League – 2D Battle Royale on PC

  • Use Protection Buffs

If you are not ready for the fast-paced confrontations in Bullet League, then it will be challenging to win. Therefore, prepare yourself before going into a fight. Besides being armed, look for shield packs and fill up the blue bar above your player to take less damage in a shootout. Also, watch the green life bar as well. It starts to turn red when your health is dangerously low. Keep in mind that your player faces elimination if the life bar depletes completely. But, the good news is you can replenish it by looking for the life portion that looks like an oval capsule with a green plus sign.

  • Stock Your Inventory Wisely

Another vital tip to remember when playing Bullet League for PC or mobile is that you have limited inventory slots. You can only have five items at any given time. Therefore, pick your supplies wisely. For example, there is no need to have a gun with a few rounds when you already have a weapon with lots of firepower. Instead, you could swap the low-ammo weapon with for invaluable shield packs and life portions.

  • Mine for Materials

As you try to explore and discover rare items in hidden locations, look for the purple mines. Make sure to hack them to collect materials which can help you to build crates. Building your platforms in this manner can help you to escape danger, get to areas that are hard to access, or even trap enemies.

  • Hide as a Strategy

Instead of going on a rampage looking for players to eliminate, a good strategy is to hide and let other contestants finish each other off. The top left corner of the screen always shows how many players are still in the game and the number that you have eliminated, so keep an eye on the stats. You have better odds when the numbers dwindle since confrontations with a horde of players can go south pretty fast.

  • Stay in the Safe Zone

Lastly, bear in mind that hiding can only work for so long because the safe zone is constantly getting smaller. Look out for the warning marker represented by a compass and countdown timer. It will let you know when you are too close to the deadly grid and point which direction to head when looking for the safe zone.


About Bullet League – 2D Battle Royale:

If you are looking for something different when it comes to battle royale games, then this title from Funday Factory is worth playing. It brings the battle royale experience into a classic 2D platformer filled with cute weird creatures fighting for the title of sole survivor. Thanks to the gunplay combat style, there is a lot of fun-packed action that will keep you at the edge of your seat each time you square off with opponents. Overall, Bullet League – 2D Battle Royale has a lot to offer. And, if you are looking for a competitive multiplayer game, from the new Trophy Road that lets players compete in ranked matches, to the cute graphics and simple controls.

Developer: Funday Factory
Download: Android or iOS

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