Bullet Battle for PC Windows / Mac – Download & Install (Trailer)

Third Person Shooter Battle Royale

Developed by Forza Games, Bullet Battle is a TPS battle royale that will pit you against other real players. Step into battle with an M4, AK47, AMW sniper rifle or any other weapon on of choice you unlock. The game offers several modes to play. Try to survive until the end when contesting in The Last Survivor’ elimination challenge or team up with other players to win cash and XP. Multiplayer modes let you fight alongside one extra partner or join a squad to take on another team in a 4vs4 battle royale. Mission objectives can range from scoring the most kills in Team Deathmatch to fighting for control in Zone Capture quests. Play Bullet Battle on PC or mobile and the battle for glory in epic gunfights.

Exciting Game Play

As with most third-person shooters, Bullet Battle gives players a larger viewing angle of their surroundings. The gameplay is exciting because you are not playing computer-controlled bots. Once enough players connect to the server, deadly sharpshooters will be coming for you. As contestants try to take each other out, there is a lot of running, climbing, and hiding. You can take cover as you move by leaning behind cars, containers, walls and other structures. The game mechanics put you in total control. Once you have your sights on a target, you must aim your scope before opening fire. But, remember all hell breaks loose if enemies spot you and start to shoot back.

Realistic 3D Graphics & Animation Effects

The best part about playing Bullet Battle on PC is that you can experience the impressive 3D graphics of the game on a wide display. Players get a choice of three battlefields, namely Shanghai, Busan, and New York. Battles take place in suburbs, abandoned shipyards or seaports. The virtual towns seem very realistic. Except for the lack of a jumping function, the game also offers decent player mechanics. You can even swim and still see when your player is underwater.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Bullet Battle

• Use the Melee Fighting Technique
Rapid fire causes the gun to recoil a lot, which makes it hard to aim with accuracy while in close range. If you shoot someone who is close by and they are just down but not completely dead, approach your enemy and kick him. This melee fighting technique should be enough to deliver the final blow and will help you save on ammo.

• Hurl Grenades
In case you walk into an ambush or spot an enemy approaching your position while taking cover, hurl a grenade. If your aim is good, you might just take out the enemy or at least injure them to reduce an onslaught of rapid fire. Hurling grenades is also an easy way to flush out opponents from hiding.

• Turn Up the Volume
Bullet Battle is not the kind of game you want to play with the volume turned off. Good listening skills pay off. When an enemy is nearby, you can hear the sound of their boots stomping on the ground. This makes it easy to adjust your viewing angle and avoid a surprise attack. Listen for gunfire as well. This lets you know when you are under attack or helps to pinpoint your partner’s location when trying to regroup.


About Bullet Battle:

Developer: FORZA GAMES
Download: Android or iOS

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