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Simulation Management RPG

Since their venture into the world of music, Bangtan Boys have grown to become one of the hottest K-pop bands in recent history. Whether you are a fan or not, you can get to know the 7-member boy band more by downloading the BTS World app on your Android or iOS device. In this simulation management game from Netmarble, you will take on the role of a talent specialist working for none other than Big Hit Entertainment. The game takes you back to 2012 when BTS was only getting started in the music scene. Your goal is to bring together the band members and guide the group to stardom and success as their manager.

Content Rich Gameplay

BTS World takes players through various journeys of all the seven band members right before the group debut to 2019. It is a story-driven game styled like a visual novel. Therefore, you will interact with the band members through pre-made video calls, social media feeds, and texts. To make the band manager role feel authentic, the developers used real photos, clips, and voice recordings of BTS. For soundtracks, the game features original music from the group. What’s more, the stories depict the actual personalities of all members.

As you progress through the story, you will unlock a ton of content such as videos, photos, stories, missions, and so much more. The conversations will also present you with decision points that affect the fate of all band members.

Card-Based System

During your quest to help BTS to become great artists, players collect various member cards. By selecting card combinations, you will be able to clear mission challenges and unlock more story content. Cards fall in one of five tiers. You can summon low-tier cards 1-3 by progressing through the story mode or taking part in the gold draw. The other options are to complete events or spend gems and draw higher-tier cards 3-5, which you will need to clear more challenging missions in later chapters.

Tips and Tricks for Playing BTS World on PC

  • Advance Through the Story Fast

The more story missions that you complete, the better you will become at playing this game. More importantly, this is how you unlock new game content and acquire basic cards. However, be keen on the choices you make as the chapters unfold. Your choices will impact how each band member will grow and develop.

  • Play the Right Cards

The member cards in BTS World all have four stats, namely wisdom, empathy, passion, and stamina. Each card has a high score on one attribute in particular. With that in mind, always check the required stats for a mission before you start to play. For example, if the required stats are wisdom and stamina, then select cards with the highest score on those two attributes to pass the challenge.

  • Upgrade Cards

If you are finding it hard to get 3 stars on each level, then you might want to upgrade your cards. There are several ways to do this, and the first method is using blossoms to grant specific cards extra EXP. You get blossoms by clearing missions, and you can replay past stages to grind for this resource. The other way to raise card stats is by using upgrade stones. You can trade duplicate cards and DNA to acquire upgrade stones.

  • Get Free Wings

You need wings to play the levels in BTS World. Wings are some kind of energy function that naturally wears out as you play. If you run out of wings, it is not possible to play the game. You can buy wings using gold and gems or wait until the game regenerates this energy source over time. Another better option is to invite friends and in return receive free wings.


About BTS World:

BTS World treats fans to a great experience of getting to know their favorite K-pop band up close and personal. Interactions with the band may not be real, but the content reflects each member’s actual personality. You will learn a lot of new stuff about each individual member in the band and even speculate how their life paths would have turned out without BTS. The best part is that you are an active participant in the story thanks to the decision-based style of play that this game has to offer. Overall, it is a fantastic management simulation RPG for anyone who is a big fan of BTS or wants to know the band.

Developer: Netmarble
Download: Android or iOS

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