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Establish Your Kingdom In Medieval Defense Game

Broyalty: Defend Your Castle is a tower-defense game that will have you do more than shoot down oncoming enemies from a vantage point. This fantasy RPG from Starkit Studio LLC keeps things interesting by including diversity in its play arsenal.

To start with, the game has you build your castle from the ground up and populate it with different inhabitants. Your castle will consist of a variety of rooms, each serving a different purpose. These include the Treasury, Mana Laboratory, Mana Storage, Living Room, Throne Room, Training Room, and Spell Workshop to name a few. The throne room serves as the main quarters of the castle as it leads to the unveiling of new rooms and game modes when upgraded.

Another important part of the castle is the living room. It is where you grow your inhabitants. You simply place a man and woman in the living room and the two will spawn a new castle member who will grow up to become a part of the working class.

Every inhabitant counts, as they will fill up the game’s various professions of Cook, Treasurer, Alchemist, Carpenter, and Combat Unit. The more inhabitants you have, the quicker your castle will grow and prosper. Therefore, you should work on increasing your inhabitants from the get-go by ensuring that there is always a female and male resident in the living room soon after a baby grows into an adult.

As your castle and its inhabitants grow, the game has you create and equip a squad of fighters who you then send out to do battle and collect resources and spoils of war. Fighters take on the classes of Warriors, Mages, and Rangers. Warriors have high HP, mages wield magical powers, while rangers engage in ranged combat using weapons such as arrows and shotguns.

Indulge In Both Defense And Attack Warfare

With Broyalty: Defend Your Castle, battles come in both the defense and attack variety. When the enemy comes attacking, you will have no choice but to go on the defense. If your defense is weak, the enemy will loot some of your gold and mana as a reward for winning the battle.

On the other hand, you are free to attack whatever castle appears on your map. The game essentially matches you to players who are on the same general level as you. However, the PvP mode of this game only becomes available later on when you have grown strong enough to fight other players.

Before then, the game has you engage in a series of battles that take you through missions in story campaigns. With every successful battle, you earn coins, treasure chests, and tribute chests.

One part of winning battles in this game is maintaining a strong team. Each member of your combat unit can level up by spending time in the training room. Also their gear can be upgraded to increase damage, crit, and physical armor stats. The other part is all about proper positioning.

The game gives you the chance to arrange your fighters on the battleground as you please before the start of every battle. The trick is to place your long-range attackers (rangers & mage) in direct line with multiple enemies while leaving your warrior to go after the bigger units on the opposing side. This way, your ranged units will be able to take out multiple enemies with one attack, as your warrior shields them from taking severe hits. You will learn all about proper positioning in the game’s introductory tutorial.

Travel Across Broyalty Universes

Following this game’s storyline and partaking in PvP battles is just a sample of the play options available. Broyalty: Defend Your Castle also includes daily & weekly quests, not to mention a vast map to explore.

There are plenty of places to visit in this game including, Fungal Forest, VeganLand, Deadly Sands, and more. The various game regions unlock gradually over time and feature missions to complete with some taking on PvE (player versus environment) styles of play.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Broyalty: Defend Your Castle on PC

• Arm Your Squad Appropriately

In this game, you will have to go on battles often, as they are the primary source of resources. And to increase your chance of winning, you will need to ensure your troops have the proper gear.

Fighting gear is equipped according to the class of a fighter. For instance, mages get magical weapons such as rings and staff, while warriors are equipped with tools like axes, boxing gloves, and knives. You must match the right equipment to the class of a fighter. Otherwise, you will lessen their effectiveness in battle.

Aside from that, gear is also equipped as per the level of a fighter. So, as your fighters level up, make sure to equip them with the same level equipment. Leaving a level 5 fighter with level 2 gear will only limit them from fighting at their full potential.

• Upgrade Regularly

From rooms, to fighters, to gear, you must level up regularly. It will help keep your castle growing, your fighters strong, and your resources bountiful. Certain equipment can only be unlocked when the throne room reaches a specific level, while upgrading areas such as the treasure room and kitchen ensures that the castle produces a steady stream of resources.

• Make Use Of Battle Environments

While battle outcomes in Broyalty are determined by which side has the better strategy and stronger squad, you can also use your smarts to outwit the enemy. Some arenas feature defensive things such as mines, barricades, and acid puddles that you can use to your advantage. For example, you could shoot at mines when enemies are in close range of the blast zone, trap a monster in an acid puddle by pummeling it with continuous attacks, or position your long-range attackers behind barricades.

• Get Forging

The items found in treasure chests are one option when it comes to equipping your squad members with new gear. The other is the game’s Forge Room, which you can enter to forge weapons and equipment. The great thing about the forge room is that it produces Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items that can boost your fighting statistics in a big way. So, make sure to put this feature to good use once you unlock the forge room.

How to play

How to play Broyalty: Defend Your Castle on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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About Broyalty: Defend Your Castle:

In Broyalty: Defend Your Castle, the medieval ages await to be conquered by you. Find out if you have what it takes to build an impenetrable castle, raise a great army, and elevate your kingdom to glory. The game is quite addictive as it takes on an amusing tone where you play the role of the pretentious sir Glancelot who seeks to win the heart of cunning princess Harlin, who instead tricks him into fighting her battles. There is plenty to love about this game including, its comic dialogue, straightforward gameplay, strategic battles, and variety of play, all of which make it a good pick for casual players.

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