Braid Salon For PC – (Mac / Windows) – Download And Install

Be a Top Class Hairstylist

Lions Studios have done it again and created another thrilling game titled Braid Salon. The story begins with you as a salon stylist with the responsibility of meeting the needs of your customers.

For every person’s hair you braid, you get paid in cash for your efforts. The money you will collect can be used to make in-game purchases for other things. Hence, you will be able to move on further on in the game and eventually reach the ultimate goal of becoming the best hair stylist in the region. While every client will ask for braids, the game will introduce you to a wide range of hairstyles that might just inspire you to try in real life.

Customer’s Choice

Once the customer walks in to your salon, they will make a request of the type of hair style they prefer on them. For instance, a French braid, box braids, chignon, a big bun, twist or braided ponytail. Each style comes with a specific set of skills to do.

Additionally, you can complete each hairstyle with a variety of beauty accessories. For example, you can use bobby pins, clippers, hair bands and elastics. Each accessory can be applied to the various braid styles in Braid Salon game.

What’s more, there are different colors at your disposal in the salon. Keep in mind that there are points to be rewarded for style, decoration, and skill.

By completing quests, you will level-up the salon as well as unlock new hair dye colors, braid styles and accessories. Also, the more customers you serve, the more money you make.

More Game Features

The graphics in the game of Braid Salon are lovely. Also, the unique animations will no doubt keep you captivated.

Playing this game is quite easy as well. When dying a client’s hair, you pick the chosen color and apply it on the hair by just drawing an infinity sign on the screen using swipe or drag actions. By doing so, the hair is transformed in an instant to something new. Enjoy yourself with a tap/click here and a swipe/drag there to create a lovely hairdo.

Braid Salon for PC: Gameplay Tips & Tricks

• Upgrade the Salon

Leveling up your salon will make it comfortable for customers as you do their hair and also equip you to work on a wider range of braided hairstyles. Therefore, make upgrades to the station, buy decor items, and get more furniture. Over time, you can turn the look of what started out like a basic salon into a classic beauty parlor. Keep in mind, though, that upgrades require you to spend cash.

• Watch Ad Videos

Watching ad videos in the game of Braid Salon will give you the opportunity of charging a VIP customer without actually doing the work. Once the video finishes steaming, you earn the cash automatically. Consequently, serving this kind of client will result in you getting a lot of cash reward. Besides, VIP customers there are other gifts to unlock by watching video ads. For instance, you can stream more advertisements to collect money from the tip jar, unlock accessories for your salon, get more hair dye colors, or claim free items from reward chests.

• Satisfy Your Customers

Every customer that walks in your salon has their own tastes and preference. For example, a client may want a particular type of braids, hair color, or accessory. Although you get several hairstyle options, the customer will offer a hint of what they want. Look out for these clues that pop-up above each client. Giving the customers what they want allows you to finish each level with a 3-star rating.


About Braid Salon:

Braid Salon game is about you becoming a well-renowned hair stylist. It is the creation of Lion Studios for both iOS and Android devices but you can play it on PC as explained in this guide. Customers will walk into your salon for all manner of hairdos. For example, French braids twists, big buns and chignon. Additionally, there are hair accessories to embellish each look and a variety of colors for the customers. The graphics are simple and enchanting. For each accomplished task, there are gifts to gain. Therefore, dazzle the ladies with your salon skills and grow your business into a thriving enterprise.

Developer: Lion Studios.
Download: Android or iOS

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