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Design Bras Like a Pro

From the creators of hit games like HellCopter, Johnny Trigger, and Comics Bob comes yet another fun casual game titled Bra Maker. In this installment, SayGames Ltd created a simulation that does exactly what the title suggests.

The game lets you design hundreds of bras in one of the most fun and creative ways. It all starts with lining fabrics. You then choose different bra parts like harnesses and corsets. From here, it is just a matter of matching them with the desired colors, fabric textures, and decorative embellishments or accessories.

Once you finish, you get a beautiful model to try it on, allowing you to see what your creations look like firsthand.

Keep Photos of Your Handiwork

Another feature you will love in this game is the gallery. After creating cute bras for every model, each one poses for a photo. The pictures go to your in-game gallery, allowing you to come back later and admire your creations.

Who knows? You might stumble upon a cute bra design that will inspire some shopping ideas as you go through your saved photos in the gallery.

Grow Your Fame

Bra Maker adds that extra element of fun into the game through its fame system. Every time you finish designing a bra, its photo in the gallery gets posted to the in-game social media page.

Your posts will earn likes and attract followers. The more likes you receive, the more followers you will get.

Your status in the game depends on the number of followers you have. Watch your fame grow from baby, newbie, and rookie to trainee, model, and influencer. The more levels you play, the more famous you become, reaching higher ranks such as star (75K), celebrity (150K), blogger (300K), queen (600K), legend (1.2M), ice baby(2M), beauty storm(3.5M), miss universe(6M), and sweetie princess(10M).

Tips & Tricks for Playing Bra Maker on PC

• Lay Down Fabrics Correctly

The first trick to remember in Bra Maker is to lay down your fabrics right. If you don’t do that, the pressing machine won’t work.

Usually, the first screen shows the available colors with numbers on them. You just have to match the colors with the corresponding fabric and lay them on the table chronologically, as indicated by the numbers.

• Design to Your Liking

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a bra will look good on a client until you see them wearing it. As long as you haven’t yet snapped the final photo, you can change the colors or different elements to your liking.

If you are not happy with the final product, swipe back to the design screen. It will take you back to the mannequin with all the design options.

• Save New Models

You will meet new models as you reach certain milestone levels in Bra Maker. However, you have to save them by streaming a short video ad. Although they come in different complexions, hairstyles, and outfits, all mdoels feature the same incredible physique. With this trick, you can keep adding more gorgeous girls to play dress-up with and model for you.

• Watch Out for Exclusive Pieces

Some harnesses, accessories, and corsets won’t be available right away. Such pieces usually appear with a playback icon next to them. That means you have to play a short video ad to use them.

Sometimes the exclusive bra-making pieces can turn out to be quite exquisite. Remember to claim them using this trick.

How to play

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About Bra Maker:

Bra Maker is a simple simulator where you immerse yourself into a virtual world of lingerie fashion. It is a game that will keep you coming back for more as you play dress-up with an ever-increasing cast of stunning models who elevate your fame to epic proportions on a fictional social media platform. Create some eye-popping bespoke bra designs as you enjoy hours of makeover entertainment. While the game focuses only on breast fashion, it has tons of wild and unique bra designs that might just end up in your wardrobe. Try out the game on your PC by installing it using the steps shared in this post.

Developer: SayGames Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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