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Download and Play “Boxing Star” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Fantastic Boxing RPG

With sports simulation games becoming increasingly popular, the creators of DC Unchained have released one that will definitely excite boxing lovers. Boxing Star for PC and mobile developed by Four Thirty Three offers fast and fun punching action with RPG-like character progression. In the game’s story mode, you choose and name a fighter then work on building his career.

The game loads with a tutorial showcasing basic moves during a boxing match involving Joe the King, the undefeated World Champion that you hope to dethrone. However, you start off as an unknown street fighter who must climb the ranks to become a pro boxer and challenge the World Champion for the coveted title. The journey to the top is filled with lots of bouts, which you must win to move on to the next level. Along the way, you get to collect various rewards like coins, bullion bars, and gear.

You can also choose to play the League Mode against randomly chosen players. The competition involves a series of matches with high stakes. Every victory you pull raise your rank and comes with package rewards bundled with equipment, accessories, and money that will help you to improve your boxer’s fighting ability.

Realistic Boxing Controls

Although originally released for mobile devices, Boxing Star for PC is now available for those who want to take this game to a whole new level. For attacks, the game provides controls to throw a jab, hook, or uppercut. There is also a hyper gauge on the top left corner that slowly fills up, allowing you to strike your opponents with a special combo-hit super move. The game provides defensive moves as well. You will be able to duck hooks, block jabs or clinch onto the opponent when you need to recover some stamina.

Spectacular Graphics Effects

Other than the background soundtracks that keep players pumped, Boxing Star also has some impressive graphics that keep you hooked. The glowing impact effects that pop-up upon landing blows or the dizzy circles above overwhelmed opponents will surely keep you on your toes when a boxing bout is going your way. In addition, the game also slows down when you successfully dodge a hook, break a block or deliver the K.O punch that sends your opponent flying into the air before tumbling down to the ground. The slow-motion mode lets you appreciate and marvel at your counter hit skills.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Boxing Star on PC

• Master the Dodge Move

Uppercuts, hooks, and super moves deal the most damage. Luckily, these moves also have long windups. With keen observation, you can see them coming and back up or hit the dodge buttons. With this approach, your opponent misses and you get an opening to counterattack without getting hit.

• Be Unpredictable

Just because uppercuts pack a punch does not mean you should only pull that move all the time. Playing the same style makes you predictable and easy to beat. Remember to mix up your punches and be strategic about your attacks.

• Train & Earn Skill Points

Make sure to drop by Khari’s gym for training and improve your jabs, hooks, uppercuts, special moves, and stance. You must spend coins for Intense Training and gold bars for Extreme Training. After making your purchase, each training session ends when a countdown timer elapses. Training helps you earn skill points, which can then be used to upgrade your purchases.

• Unlock Fighting Styles

Once you reach a certain level in Boxing Star, players get an option for unlocking fighting styles. Unlock as many as you can and try them all to find one that best fits your style of boxing. The more you have in your boxing arsenal, the better fighter you will become.

Keep in mind also that the various fighting styles can either give you a competitive edge or weakness. For instance, Lucky Puncher makes your boxer weaker when going up against opponents employing the Counter Master offense. On the flip side, the Lucky Puncher style performs better against Stunner Hunter skills. However, the Stamina Burner style is weaker when going against Stunner Hunters.

• Earn S-Coins

As the game progresses, try to accumulate S-coins by completing achievement tasks in the Veteran Tab or linking your Facebook account to Boxing Star and adding in-game friends or sending them gifts. After earning S-coins, spend them in the Swank section of the management tab. S-coins can buy a new car to fast-track the delivery timer for package orders, purchase a crib that will raise your daily rental income or earn you other bonuses.

• Lookout for Notifications

Keep checking the menus for a red N, which is a notification icon that represents potential rewards. Notifications could be for new sponsorships, rewards waiting to be claimed or reminders that let you know you have enough skill points to spend.

About Boxing Star:

Developer: FourThirtyThree Inc.
Download: Android and iOS