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How to play

How to play Bouncemasters on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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Download, Install and Play Bouncemasters on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Hilarious Bouncing Game

Bouncemasters is an arcade launcher game that will have you laughing your head off the moment you start playing. Players have a simple objective – launch a penguin as far as possible. For those who have played angry birds, Bouncemasters! for PC is somewhat similar but with a twist. In this case, the kicker is that a polar bear wearing a Letterman jacket whacks the penguin to high heavens. The penguin collects airborne coins along the way, bouncing off Walruses, Sea Lions, Seals, and other objects before finally coming to a stop. It might also roll into a snowball and knock over some snowmen. The run can be adventurous but sometimes ends tragically when your penguin ends up being eaten by a shark or shoal of killer fish. A few penguins also come together to celebrate every time you reach a new high score. Bouncemasters! for PC will keep you glued to your screen thanks to its comical theatrics plus humor-filled music and sound effects.

Rewards Galore

One likable aspect of this game is that it is very generous with rewards right off the gate. You won’t have to spend actual money to make some real progress. After each run, the game rewards you with coins. The longer the distance your penguin covers, the higher the reward. Hitting new feet milestones also comes with other bonuses such as rank increases and free gems. There are also daily missions with rewards. You might be required to hit a given number of Walruses, destroy X snowmen, skydive for 10 seconds, fly 10,000 feet and so on. These missions keep changing every day to keep things from becoming boring. In addition to the individual rewards for completing every individual daily mission, you also get a bonus for completing all quests.

Performance-Boosting Upgrades

Like with most games, Bouncemasters offers plenty of upgrades to help players earn more rewards or set new high scores. For instance, you can trade your coins to boost the penguin’s Max Speed, Rebound or Power. If you want the polar bear to put in more muscle behind the bat, upgrades its beat force. You can also unlock new clubs and batting gear by spending purple gems.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Bouncemasters! on PC

• Watch the Video Ads to Get Free Rewards
The best way to get free rewards in Bouncemasters is by watching video ads. On occasion, a screen may pop-up offering you the chance to watch a short video and get a chest. There is also an option at the end of each round to quadruple your fly earnings by watching an ad. Some people may find the ads annoying. However, think of it as an opportunity to take a short break that will help you make more progress in the game.

• Give Your Penguin a Power Boost
When your penguin bounces onto anything, press and hold it down to active power boost. This trick offers more propulsion. A good boost even makes your flightless seabird flap its wings and take to the skies for a brief moment. Using the power boost is also a great way to collect as many floating coins as possible.

• Claim Daily Gifts
For the first 15-days, players get a free daily gift. Rewards may include free coins, gems or a chest roulette. So, make sure to claim your daily gift after every 24 hours. Even if you don’t want to play, just launch the game to collect your free reward. It will go a long way in helping you amass more currency for upgrades.

• Bat with Precision
Batting is not automated when playing Bouncemasters! for PC. Make sure to time your swings. Strike one amazing kick and you will whack the poor penguin so hard that all its feathers will fall off.


About Bouncemasters!:

Developer: Playgendary
Download: Android or iOS

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