Botworld Adventure for PC – How to Install on Mac / Windows

Explore a Robotic Wonderland

Botworld Adventure takes players to an adventure like no other. The game unfolds in a tropical wonderland with wild bots prowling everywhere. You will help the protagonist explore over a dozen unique zones, each one teeming with life and mysteries.

Discover nature and remnants of a lost civilization while exploring Botworld. You will also encounter dangerous bots and bandits as you explore the land to collect scraps and rare treasures.

The game unfolds with storytelling conversations between different characters. Gradually, you will uncover hidden truths about this fantasy realm, all while having a fun experience that swings between exploration and quick battles against enemies.

Collect Various Bots

To take part in fighting challenges, you will create your own team of bots. There are over 30 different androids to choose from, each one having its own animations, fighting abilities, and skill trees.

You can build bots by gathering spares and scraps from the ground all over the game world. Whenever you need to collect building materials, you can click/tap on the required components to get a hint from the game on where to find them.

After defeating wild bots in battle, you also get to keep their parts. You can then use these spares to rebuild them and rewire their circuitry so that they become your loyal soldiers.

When it comes to the types of bots you can recruit, there are three main classes. Chasers are fast melee fighters with high mobility and damage. They are good at getting close to ranged enemies and charge headfirst into battle, knocking down foes all over the arena.

On the other hand, evaders also move fast but attack from a distance. They have powerful legs that allow them to leap away from enemies.

You can also have tanks in your team. Tough fighters that leap into the fray, they soak up damage and protect weaker bots.

When you begin your Botworld Adventure, you will also choose a character from one of four races. You can play as a Lizard, Dog, Cat, or Buffalo. The character maker tool also offers customization options to change your avatar’s appearance by selecting eye shape, outfit color, and skin complexion.

Strategic Battle System

The battles in Botworld Adventure are dynamic. You also get to test your strategies thanks to a unique set of combat rules.

To start a fight, you drag your bots into the arena. They will fight automatically, attacking the closest enemies. However, placing them wisely can make a difference, and you can still command your battle bots to use their special abilities at any moment.

You get a botpack package containing all the botmaster modules. It helps your bots use their abilities in battle.

Using abilities consumes energy, which regenerates over time. Each skill has an energy cost displayed on its icon, so you will only be able to cast the ones that fall within the available energy you have at any given time or wait a few seconds more to get more juice to cast powerful skills. The more damage any ability can deliver, the more energy it will cost to use.

Some abilities target your bots to act as buffs. Others are direct attacks on the enemies. For instance, you could hit them with missiles or debuffs that immobilize momentarily. You can also use botpack abilities that deliver AOE (area of effect) damage.

Bots take damage during battle. You will see the green health bar diminish after sustaining enemy attacks. The yellow bar under their health shows how long you have to wait before the ultimate skill becomes ready to use.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Botworld Adventure on PC

• Deploy Your Bots Using Strategic Formations

Dragging and dropping bots into battle arenas is easy, but it is something that requires some thought. The formation you choose can make or break your team. Ideally, always put your weaker ranged bots behind the tougher ones. Moreover, having a balanced composition of chasers, tanks, and evaders will help you be prepared to deal with all kinds of enemies.

• Upgrade Bots

Apart from using scavenged materials to build new bots, you can use scraps to upgrade the existing ones. Doing so boosts their battle stats for health, attack, speed, and DPS, effectively raising bot power.

• Collect Daily Rewards

After installing Botworld Adventure, remember to log into the game at least once every day to claim your daily rewards. They are free, so you won’t have to clear any quest. Expect to grab some fantastic items like loot chests, gold, and even a rare bot on day 6.

• Use the World Map

The map will come in handy when traveling to a particular location. Even if you don’t know how to get there, it will show the destination plus where you currently are to provide a general idea of which direction you need to be heading.

You can use the jetpack rocket to launch home or to any other town in an instant. It is a fast way to get to where you want to go without the hassle of running through the forest paths and encountering tough bandits along the way. You will find the jetpack quite helpful when low on health.

• Never Waste Repair Canisters

Repair canisters restore the health of your bots after they incur damage in battle. Additionally, you spend these resources when going outside a town’s gate into the wild.

There is a limited supply of canisters, so make sure to make the most of each one. If you spend one to go outside the gates, leave no stone unturned exploring that particular area. You might come across more canisters while scavenging to make it worth your while.

How to play

How to play Botworld Adventure on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Botworld Adventure Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Botworld Adventure on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Botworld Adventure:

Featherweight Games' open-world RPG titled Botworld Adventure is not only fun to play but also quite addictive. It is about exploring a diverse, gorgeous fantasy realm while battling bots along the way and collecting parts to build new ones. The bots in your collection fight as a team, taking on other wild counterparts and bandits. You can place them in strategic battle formations to beat your rivals. Players also have to upgrade bots continually to boost base stats and improve combat performance. Thanks to a dynamic battle system, the game will test your ability to think fast and come up with effective tactics. Exploring the vast Botworld is also fun, and you get to uncover the secrets of your mysterious home as the storyline unfolds over time.

Developer: Featherweight
Download: Android or iOS

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