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How to play Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Save the World from an Alien Invasion

The team at B.V has quite a few games under their belt. In the 2D Platformer niche, their hit title Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad offers a ton of fun activities and a great story to boot. And, this time, the story is that of a troubled world. Extraterrestrial creates landed on Earth, wreaking havoc on humankind. But, all hope is not lost. The Bombastic Brothers have come together to defeat the aliens and save humanity. That’s where your role comes in the game. You have to choose a hero, take up arms, and wipe out the enemy in this ‘run and gun’ style Platformer.

Multiple Game Modes to Play

Android and iOS users are in for a treat since this game is available on both platforms. However, you can also install Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad for PC. All you have to do is follow the three simple steps outlined at the begging of this post.

Whichever device you prefer, the game has different game modes in store for players. In the Battle Arena, you play as a single-player against AI opponents. The storyline unfolds in this mode. As a result, it has lots of levels to play. For instance the mission in the first act is to retrieve a Neutron Orb swallowed by Princess, a puppy that tags along with the Bombastic Brothers.

On the other hand, the PvP arena pits you against real human players from all around the globe. Also, you can visit other game areas such as the bunker and daily missions. Additional quests not only help to sharpen your skills but also offer a chance to grind for more rewards. From XP, gold coins, dog tags, supply crates to crystals, there are plenty of prizes to win each time you complete your missions successfully.

Armed & Dangerous Heroes

The Bombastic Brothers run & gun game has a unique charm thanks to the charismatic characters that you will encounter in the game. Jeff is the default hero that you get for free. You can unlock other characters using shards. What’s more, some heroes join the party after you reach certain levels in the game. There are 11 heroes, each with an interesting recruitment story.

Besides defeating alien forces, there is more to enjoy in Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad. The game has a lot of funny moments, including subtitled conversations between characters.

Although the heroes have a lot of humor, they are also very skilled in combat. All of them have two secondary attack modes and one main weapon. As a result, you will have multiple combos at your disposal for different battle situations.

Additionally, you can equip heroes with gear like helmets, gloves, boots, backpacks, sergeant vests, and so on. Leveling up equipment or equipping new items increases the hero power.

Platformer RPG with Base-Building Gameplay

The battles in Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad are quite adventurous. You will lead ground assaults and even take on aliens on a jet ski in the sea. To add a little bit of diversity, the developers also included base-building as one of the core features of this game.

The heroes cruise on a space ship, which you can build up to add an armory, training room, docking bay and a raft of other facilities.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad on PC

  • Evade Enemy Fire

Alien forces are always trying to stop you in this game. You have to evade enemy shots by all means or else suffer defeat. Each fighter has finite health level represented by a green bar. You can only take so much damage. As a result, jump over fireballs, take cover at a lower level, or get behind bosses to escape attacks.

  • Use Heavy Artillery Appropriately

While most of the alien minions you will come across are quick to take down, stronger big bosses or swarms will try to stop you as well. The latter opponents are quite formidable and can slow down your hero. Luckily, you can use the big gun. It takes a few seconds to recharge, so keep attacking the big boss with ordinary ammo while trying to stay out of the line of enemy fire. Also, a ‘heavy weapons’ button becomes active when heroes get outnumbered. It will instruct the ship to fire and hit multiple targets at once, so only use this button when overwhelmed.

  • Grab Air Drops

When you see a big floating crate, shoot it down before it flies away. That is an airdrop that the game offers occasionally. When brought down, walk to the case and stand over it to claim an item. The airdrop can give your hero an ammo boost or regenerate health.

  • Build Your Ship

Another essential tip to remember when playing this game is taking a break from combat to build new facilities for the ship. That is where you get to manage your heroes and equipment. Building the ship will also unlock new game modes.

  • Claim Crates

While most crates you get are rewards, some of them appear in the armory every few hours for free. After building an armory, visit it regularly to obtain new equipment.

  • Level Up Gear

Sometimes your hero may not have the recommended power level for a certain mission. In such cases, level up your gear with dog tags to increase the character’s power.


About Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad:

If you are looking for a fun Platformer game with great graphics and a story that keeps you coming back for more, Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad offers that and more. There is plenty to do in this 80s-inspired run and gun action game. Join Jeff with his merry band of soldiers and agents to save the world from aliens that came to conquer the planet. You can play as 11 different heroes, each boasting a witty character as well as unique weapons and skills. Despite being an old-school Platformer, it has some cool futuristic weapons. What’s more, there are plenty of sections to explore besides the campaign mode, including co-op missions to complete with friends and PvP battles that offer some online action.

Developer: B.V.
Download: Android or iOS

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