Bomb Hunters On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Trailer)

Enjoy the classic Arcade Experience

Bomb Hunters is a unique Android game that is developed by the Craneballs company. It is interesting, entertaining and immerses you into an environment where you will have to dismantle any bombs that have been planted around you. Regardless of this danger, Bomb Hunters will give you one of the best arcade experiences. Be prepared to race against time when diffusing the bombs. The thrill of wondering whether to disconnect the red wire or the blue one will make your playing experience even more unforgettable. You can also download Bomb Hunters for PC to face enemy snipers and graders who guard the bombs.

Put Your Game Face On!

When playing Bomb Hunters, you will go through self-contained segments that have bombs to be dismantled. You are free to move in any direction, backtrack around obstacles and hide behind walls. If you do not get to the bombs in time, it will explore and end your run. This gives you that extra thrill that you will surely enjoy. Bomb Hunters also provides danger dots that must be circumnavigated.

Defeat the bad guys

As a player, you will be going up against snipers and grenadiers. They can shoot you in a straight line, on any surrounding tiles or from across the screen. Even though this makes it harder to get to the bombs, it will motivate you to work extra hard in order to accomplish your mission. Download Bomb Hunters for PC to enjoy the same experience.

Focus, Jack!

Your character’s name is Jack. In order to get him ahead, you will neutralize the bombs immediately. Because ranking up is done by diffusing bombs, each rank will offer a required number of disposal before you get to the next level. Once you level up, you will be able to select a number of bonuses that you can use when playing the game from that point forward. If you are focused, you will get a permanent upgrade that will propel you through the levels.

Bomb Hunters
Source: Google Play

Tips and Tricks For Playing Bomb Hunters

As you will be able to learn, the life of a bomb diffuser is not always easy. When playing the game, you will face constant danger and if not careful, die on the job. In order to ensure that you remain victorious, you need the right strategies to guide you. Whether you are playing on your mobile phone or you download Bomb Hunters for PC, these tips and tricks will come in handy:

· Focus on the bombs!

Your goal is to diffuse the bombs as fast as possible. When you start playing, you should solely focus on the bombs and ignore other distracting aspects. Once you diffuse the required number of bombs, you can focus on bonuses that you will pick up on the levels.

· Focus on the closet bomb!

Always handle the closest bombs first before getting to the others. This will save you time and ensure that all bombs are dismantled quickly.

· Choose your routes wisely!

As you play the game, you will be required to get to the bombs using more than one route. Going to the nearest bomb will ensure that you do not have to run back and diffuse bombs that were left behind. If there are no bombs along your route, choose the ones that have the least amount of time left to avoid them from exploding.

· Upgrade your character!

Upgrades are useful as well as permanent. Do not pass up opportunities that will enable your character to move faster or be quicker in diffusing bombs. Get those coins and enjoy the upgrades!

· Pick up loot!

Pick up everything that you come across on your path. Do not surpass the blue coin. It increases the times that you will get to diffuse the bomb.

· Take advantage of power-ups!

Whenever you finish a level, a power-up option should be provided in form of cost of coin or cash. Buy all the power-ups that you can get. However, when you choose to go with coins, the power-ups that you have will expire when you die.

Bomb Hunters
Source: Google Play

How To Download And Play Bomb Hunters On PC

1. To begin you have to Download and Install Bluestacks. If that is not your first choice for an emulator, you can use Andyroid or Ipadian.
2. For your next step, you have to log in to your Google Play account. If you do not have just register a new one. It is easy and fast..
3. Go to the search box in Bluestacks and type “Bomb Hunters” without the quotes, of course.
4. Then simply click “Install” button next to the game and wait for the download to complete.
5. That is it! You can now enjoy your freshly installed copy of “Bomb Hunters” on your favorite PC!