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How to play Bob's World - Super Adventure on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Step Back into your Childhood with Bob

If the 90s’ were your childhood years, chances are Super Mario was one of your favorite video games. While the Mario series belongs to a bygone era, Bob’s World – Super Adventure is a worthy replacement. The game features similar gameplay where Bob travels through a mysterious Jungle World jumping from one platform to another while avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards. And, that is not the only nostalgic part of the game. In this creation by OneSoft Global, the game also borrows the idea of a legendary Super Mario adventure, the Princess Rescue mission. The reason behind Bob’s journey into the jungle is to save the beautiful princess from an evil kidnapper.

Jump in to help Bob with his mission. You will experience awesome gameplay, beautiful high-resolution graphics, and nice fast music that makes you want to keep going.

Move, Jump, Eat, Fire

That is just how easy it is to play Bob’s World – Super Adventure. You will be helping Bob move through the jungle, jump over obstacles (as well as monsters), eat the mushrooms along with other items to fuel up, and finally fight the super evil boss monsters that appear at the end of every level. The left side of the game’s screen has 3 buttons for moving forward, backward, and down while the Jump and Firing buttons (with an X icon) are on the other side.

Unlock Many Worlds and Levels

As per the game’s design, Bob will only get to the princess at the final destination of the adventure. In the meantime, you have over 30 levels to unlock, which feature beautiful varying world themes.  You will be moving through green landscaped terrains in some levels, swimming underwater in others, and traveling through dark caves, ocean environs, and even underground worlds in the rest.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Bob’s World – Super Adventure on PC

  • Eat to Grow

Bob needs food to keep energy levels up and grow strong for the impending boss fights. You gather food along the way in the form of mushrooms, strawberries, and other items. For example, there is a green liquid that causes Bob to double in size.

  • Break Bricks

After drinking the green liquid, Bob’s head not only grows bigger but also becomes strong enough to break bricks. Take full advantage of this and break a ton of bricks while you can. Every broken brick adds 50 points to your score. Besides, more than driving up your score, breaking blocks with Bob’s head is pretty fun.

  • Grab all Coins and Bonus Items

Aside from food, Bob will encounter coins and all manner of bonus items. For example, a temporary shield makes him impervious to monsters and the red bag with a skeleton image enables Bob to hit creatures with smaller versions of the item. Both coins and items may be floating in the air or stored within blocks and bricks. Power-ups and coins earn you points, which can buy additional items in the game store.  So, leave nothing behind. Blocks that churn out coins have a light brown color and feature a heart drawing. Some offer one coin while others reward you with multiple. So, hit the block (with Bob’s head) until the heart disappears.

  • Eliminate all Creature Enemies

In Bob’s world, danger lurks everywhere. You may encounter various creature enemies that include rolling snails, poisonous flowers, flying birds, and more. These creatures harm Bob, so you should avoid contact. There are several ways to go about this. You can jump on them, knock them down by hitting the block they are walking on, or fire at them.

  • Watch the Clock

The game has a timer that counts down as you continue playing. You will have to re-play the level if the set time runs out. The duration of play varies from one level to the next. So, make sure to watch the clock.


About Bob's World - Super Adventure:

Bob’s World - Super Adventure is a classic platformer game. That means you will run horizontally in the virtual world, jumping up and down platforms, all while avoiding perils and collecting rewards. So much awaits your discovery in the mysterious jungle, plus you get to help Bob rescue his princess. The best part is that you will not exhaust your mind while playing this game. It is easy to play and the controls are quite intuitive as well. Bob’s World - Super Adventure offers a nice way to relax and unwind after a long day or keep yourself busy during your downtime.

Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Download: Android or iOS

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