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Survive in a Futuristic Block World

If you are into building games, you may have heard of Block Fortress Empires. It is not a new addition to this genre. Foursaken Media is the team behind this creation, and they released the sequel, which has gone on to become a bit of a viral sensation. Block Fortress: Empires is the latest installment in the series. Looking at what it offers, this release is arguably better than the first game. Foursaken Media even describe it as undoubtedly their most ambitious game yet.

You will delve into a mysterious cube world and try to survive alone. Your first task is to build a home that doubles up as your base. After that, the next priority is to set up defenses around your newly built home to keep out attackers. Once satisfied that your base is impenetrable, you can then go on raids and attack other players on their turf.

The game has a robot-head guide that takes you through what to do. Also featured is an internal guide that offers instructions like move here, climb here, tap here, and so on. The game controls, in turn, keep changing to provide what you need at the moment.

Make the Game Your Own

Block Fortress Empires may have some survival elements, but it remains to be a building game at its core. Like all good building games, it offers an open base on which you can let your imagination run wild. You have complete freedom in the game to design your home how you want. You can pick from a bountiful collection of over 200 building blocks. The blocks include elements like walls, decorations, statues, arcade games, zip lines, teleporters, and more. There is really no limit on what you can do to make yourself a unique home.

Customization options go on to include an extensive list of body parts, colors, and accessory blocks. You can use these components to personalize your character in the game. Players can also select where to build a home. There are different environments, including the frozen, tropical, volcanic, radioactive, desolate, asteroid, and Earth-like worlds, to name just a few.

Get Ready for War

Building your home in Block Fortress Empires is easy. The defending and raiding parts are what will require more work. Players get over 30 defensive block units along with a wide assortment of regular and sci-fi weapons. So, you only need to think like a soldier. For instance, set up turrets in areas that are not easy to spot, lay elaborate traps, and place robotic soldiers on vulnerable points that the enemy can exploit. You can also scout a base before attacking, mark blocks to remember important locations, and try out a host of other ideas. There is a ‘Defense Info’ tab on the game’s settings where you can gain useful information on matters gameplay strategy.

Dabble in Some Single Play

Battles with other players are, without a doubt, the best part of playing this game. However, it is not the only option on offer. Block Fortress Empires also includes a solo play mode that comes with more than 50 missions to tackle. In this mode, you get a good opportunity to learn the mechanics of the game without risking losing everything you have worked so hard to obtain. You also receive nice prizes upon completing missions.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Block Fortress Empires on PC

  • Edit Your Home’s Defenses Regularly

One of the main objectives in this game is to keep rivals out of your base. There are defensive crates to win each time you manage to stop a raiding player. To keep this up, though, you will have to fortify your home regularly. Fortunately, it is possible to edit your home at any time. So, you can always invest in crafting upgrades or set up more defense items.

  • Stock up on a Variety of Weapons

Another essential investment to make in this game is building an arsenal. Get as many high gear weapons as you can and keep your options varied. For example, make sure to have Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Mini-Nukes, Nano Rifles, Shotguns, Demolition Charges, and other weapons. It will be easier to take down other players and develop an unbeatable streak if you have a massive arsenal of equipment at your disposal.

  • Use the Replay System

Successfully attacking other players in the game will earn you huge rewards, not to mention fame among Block Fortress players. So, you have to make this happen as often as possible. The game offers a cool replay system that enables you to re-watch and study all your previous battles. You can use this resource to formulate better attack strategies. The replay system also provides invaluable feedback that you can use to make your home more secure.


About Block Fortress: Empires:

Block-building games may not be for everyone, but Block Fortress Empires is not your average block game. Although a huge part of play involves building, there is a lot of fighting as well. The game thrusts you in the middle of action a lot, as you will find yourself defending your home from relentless attackers quite often. You will also find yourself racking your brain trying to come up with good attack plans. Thanks to all this plus the depth of features offered, the game has the potential of becoming a favorite pastime for really anyone, be it fans of building or survival games.

Developer: Foursaken Media
Download: Android or iOS

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