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How to play Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Embark on a Fun “Knight-Finding” Mission

The Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer is a beautiful fun hack-and-slash game that will have you laughing right from the word go. Characters look like they stepped out of an old comedy cartoon. Bollo, for instance, is a beefed-up warrior whose specialty is wrestling and clobbering smaller people than him. Gladius, on the other hand, is an old, righteous hero with a stocky build.  There is also a Santa-clad player, another with a scarecrow face, and the list goes on.

The storyline revolves around finding a shabby brave knight who disappeared decades ago after he saved the world. In the original fantasy hack and slash platformer, a powerful dark lord unleashed a cursed artifact that brought darkness and death to the Blackmoor world. An unexpected hero named Dubbery (with looks airing a little on the frumpy side) rose up to save the world. Dubberly made it to the portal, destroyed the Talisman, but was never seen or heard from ever again. Now in Blackmoor 2, a new generation of heroes (each with a unique set of fighting skills), have volunteered to head out in search of Dubberly. Will you be the first one to get to the lost knight and gain fame in Blackmoor? Well, you had better hurry up, or other players will beat you to it.


Endless Playability

You will not be getting a road map in this game. No one knows where Dubbery is or if he is still alive. So, you will have to scour through the Blackmoor 2 world to find him. In the process, this will take you through 14 stages of play with trying environments. And, you will not be alone as there are hordes of attackers coming at you every step of the way. Fights will take place in a lawless desert, a moving train, villages under attack, mineshafts, and plenty of other locations.

Getting through different stages is not exactly easy. The run-of-the-mill attackers you come across are beatable once you learn the controls of the game. It is the Bosses you need to worry about the most. They appear at the end of every stage and have special skills that are hard to beat. Some bosses have temporary invincibility, others throw a ton of projectiles at you, while all have excellent block recoil. To make it worse, these bosses get tougher to beat the further you advance in the game.


Let Your Creativity Run Wild

With an endless string of foes and bosses to fight, you will have your hands full in the Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer game. However, if you are looking for something a bit more challenging, you can go for Build Mode. In this mode,  you are allowed to re-write the rules of the game.

Build mode lends you have the freedom to create your very own dungeons as well as personalized challenges. You can then share your creations with other players and participate in some user-generated cells and challenges.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer on PC

  • Use Your Gold Wisely

There is a lot you can buy in Blackmoor 2 with the gold you earn. You could upgrade your attacks to be more vicious, boost your health to the last longer when hit, increase speed, get weapons or armor, and even buy some luck. Every purchase has a unique advantage, so shop wisely. As you advance through the various levels, make it a point to buy what you will need to defeat the particular enemy you are facing. For example, using your first earnings to upgrade a bit of your attack and speed will make it easier to take down Bruticus (a fire-breathing half-dragon-half-dinosaur creature). Alternatively, buying a rusty ax weapon will increase your odds of defeating Sindara, a medusa-lookalike being.

  • Fight Smart

From spiders, to fire throwing ninjas, to bow & arrow yielding mercenaries, you will always be facing a foe in Blackmoor 2. The key to defeating them is to fight smart. Duck to avoid being hit by fireballs; jump over Zambar Bone skeleton when he comes at you sword-swinging; hide to allow those slashing blades to pass; and so on. The fewer hits you take, the further you will advance at a given level.

  • Don’t Leave Coins Behind

Whenever you defeat an attacker in Blackmoor 2, coins pop out. Make sure you grab all of them. Collected loot will give you more trading currency in the game. These coins tend to scatter all over the place. So, walk a short distance back and forth from the location where coins spring up to ensure you do not leave behind even a single cent.

  • Whack Some Baddies Online

The fastest way to advance in this game is to get your player upgrades regularly. Upgrades, however, are not cheap. One way to earn extra in the game is to take the fight online. You get to engage in cooperative multiplayer challenges where you fight together with up to 4 players in real time.


About Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer:

With plenty of high stake video games out there where you have to be on alert constantly and think several steps ahead, it is always nice to have a simple game like Blackmoor 2 Fantasy Action Platformer. Although you will be fighting your way through hordes of fantasy foes, monsters, and bosses the entire time, the stakes are not that high. For one, even if you die, there are many chances to replay every level. Additionally, you will not be taken too far back when you fail a given stage . Some good old-fashioned fun is all that awaits you in the world of Blackmoor 2.

Developer:  Four Fats
Download: Android or iOS

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