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Fun Rolling Gameplay

Lion Studio’s Big Big Baller is an insanely fun roll and grow simulation game. It is very similar to the amazing Katamari Damacy games only that here you will go up against other real players. Your role is to control a ball in a large city. The ball picks up everything it can roll over, leaving behind carnage and destruction. As it rolls over people and objects, it also keeps getting bigger. The goal is to grow your ball as much as possible and survive the chaos alongside other ballers. Play Big Big Baller for PC to enjoy a fun and addictive gaming experience that is unlike no other.

Compete in Different Game Modes

There are two game modes to choose from when you enter the Big Big Baller world. In the Battle Royale, your goal is to become the last ball standing. This is the most fun mode because you get to crush and eliminate balls that are smaller than yours. Squash the competition, one ball at a time, and enjoy the feeling of being at the top. Alternatively, play the Classic mode with the simple goal of becoming the biggest baller in a two-minute showdown. Here, there are no eliminations. Simply beat the clock and outrank everyone in size. If a larger ball crushes you, your ball spawns back into the arena without losing size. However, you lose your rank and accumulated objects.

Personalize Your Ball

Another fun aspect of this game is that you can personalize your ball with cool, colorful skins. Spend the coins you earn from previous victories to purchase balls that come draped in country flags. You can unlock these balls also by spinning the in-game wheel as well. As you progress in Big Big Baller for PC, your achievements over time can help you to unlock rare secret skins. You can only claim a secret skin after achieving a certain goal. This may be based on your daily logins, the number of objects and opponents crushed your level or rank history.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Big Big Baller

Now that you know what Big Big Baller is all about, let’s talk strategy. Here are some tips to help you draw first blood, score double or triple kills, and dominate like a pro.

• Start by Breaking Away From Your Opponents
While tempting, trying to crush the competition right out of the gate is not the best strategy. As the game begins, it is best to roll away from your rival ballers. With no other balls around to disrupt you, it will be easier to roll up numerous items in quick succession.

• Start with Small Objects
At first, your ball will only be able to roll over objects that are smaller than its size. Start with pedestrians on sidewalks, street lights, trees then work your way up to cars and single-story structures. Eventually, your ball will grow large enough and practically engulf the whole city.

• Target Highly Populated Areas
Look for areas that have a high concentration of objects in order to grow your ball quickly. A few good spots include the public square full of yoga enthusiasts, parking lots, and wooded areas.

• Crush Other Balls
When you crush other players, you either eliminate them or pick up all their objects and increase in size. The rank list in the upper right corner lets you know whether your ball is big enough to take on other players. If you spot smaller balls on the map, head in their direction to crush them.


About Big Big Baller:

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