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How to play Best Sniper Legacy on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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Post-Apocalyptic Shooting Game

Who does not love a good game of shooting? Well, with the Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D game, you take on the honorable role of the last remaining sniper on earth in a fun, story-driven game that will have you hooked in no time.

In the game, a scientific experiment involving human DNA and resurrected dinosaur genomes went terribly wrong and completely destroyed the world as we know it. Not only was all of humanity wiped out, but the experiment also resulted in the creation of bloodthirsty humanosaurus creatures, (half-human-half-dinosaur zombies), and a variety of wild dinosaur species. As an elite sniper, you are called upon to use your fine shooting skills to restore some order in the world. The challenge is to slay the walking dead zombie and dinosaur creatures running amuck.


Great Graphics in 3D

This game from T-Bull is set in a post-apocalyptic era. It has the graphics to go with it – real-looking dinosaur creatures, abandoned buildings, vast wastelands, and Jurassic locations. The fun part is that graphics rendering is in 3D. So, you will feel like you are actually living in dangerous times while playing. You can even make (or replay) epic kill shots in real-time, which show everything (including bullet trajectory) frame-by-frame.


Varied Modes of Play

Playing Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D is very simple. Just lock in on your dinosaur or zombie target and fire. It’s thrilling to take down these massive beasts, so you will not tire of the game any time soon.

There are 6 modes of play which provide a ton of missions and challenges to complete. Every mode features several levels of play. Each level comes with clear instructions of what the mission entails. Modes such as Story, Wanted, and Boss are not locked. On the other hand, Daily Hunt, Survival, and Extermination modes will unlock once you complete varying levels of the Story mode.


An Arsenal of Upgradeable Weapons Awaits

Every hero on a mission requires top-notch weapons to match his courage. More so in this virtual post-apocalyptic world where the creatures you come across are ferociously lethal. The walking dead will eat you alive while the Einiosaurus species can inflict a substantial amount of damage. The 3-ton Tuojiangosaurus, on the other hand, has deadly spikes. It will kill you in one swipe.
Not to worry though, as you are provided with a nice array of powerful weapons that can match the deadly nature of these creatures.

In total, there are 14 modern and classic sniper rifles plus explosives that include flash grenades. Every rifle can be made more deadly with up to 15 upgrades that include increasing stability, enhancing scope and zoom capabilities, and even expanding clip size to hold more ammo. The points, gold, and rewards you earn during play serve as the currency to use for acquiring more rifles and upgrading your existing ones.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D on PC

• Precise Shooting is Necessary
Since this is a sniper game, accuracy is very important. But, you will need to apply a wise play strategy as well. You can simply find a nice vantage point and take down the creatures one shot at a time without getting too close. Bear in mind this will only be possible if you hone your shooting skills, so get practicing.

• Learn the Dinosaur Weak Points
Aside from being ruthless, the creatures in this game are also intelligent and can sneak up on you. When this happens, you will only have seconds to react. For this reason, you should know the weak points of all dinosaurs by heart in the event you have to defend yourself at a moment’s notice. A quick thermal scan using your rifle’s scope will give you a picture of where weak points like brains, lungs, and heart are located on all creatures.

• Watch out for Special Offers
From time to time, a banner will pop up with special offers. This can include deals like get 10% off on rifles, or rewards for uncommon crates, energy refills, power recharges, and crystal bullet. You can also earn rewards by collecting badges for every dinosaur you kill in extermination mode. The more badges you collect, the more rewards you receive.

• Play Online to Win More Gold
If you want to advance fast in this game, play the online mode regularly. It will earn you extra rewards, gold, and even badges. Options for online play include logging in with Facebook and Google or playing without an account.


About Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D:

For those who love shooter games, the Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D is a great option. It follows the same idea as other first person shooters (FPS) where you are provided with a target to take down. However, the post-apocalyptic dinosaur theme is a nice change up that you are sure to enjoy. The game also gets a thumbs up for featuring fairly easy gameplay that gradually increases in difficulty and short stages of play that will not take you away from your other tasks for too long.

Developer: T-Bull
Download: Android or iOS

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