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Open world games offer a focusing on linear gameplay and mechanics. They allow you to play and engage with the story however you want to. This has scored the games a large following over the years.

Also referred to as Sandbox games, open world games will allow you to interact with the virtual world in ways that you never have before. This considerable freedom makes it possible for you to cause mayhem in a city, engage in a fierce fight and shoot at will.

Even though open world games come with a few restrictions, they will immerse you into enjoyable storylines.

Whether you are looking for stunning HD visuals, inviting actions or superb skills, these Top 10 Best Open World Android Games for 2017 will unleash the gamer in you:

#10. Tempest: Pirate Action

The silence that you will hear after unloading a volley of common fire into an enemy’s ship is what defines this new and engaging game. On your screen, you will be able to live out life as a private on the open seas.

You are at liberty to take your big ship anywhere. You can do just about anything, provided you know the right combat process.

As a first-time player, you will be thrown into the game tutorial. It features steering ropes, aiming and shooting at other ships.

This flashy looking part of the game will give you an experience to behold. In order to maneuver through the waters, you have to put your best strategies in place. Even though steering your ship is a fairly simple thing to do, players have to ensure that they stay away from the line of fire.

There are various quests and combat missions that you have to power through. Sailing the high seas with this ship is such an adventure. Tempest: Pirate Action offers an incredible open world experience that takes players through boundless seas.

Download: Android and iOS

#9. Bully: Anniversary Edition

Making its first appearance as far back as 2006, Bully has successfully secured a place among the Top 10 Best Open World Android Games 2017. It has become a household name and game for many curious, young players. With a misleading title, Bully gives the impression of a school setting. However, players realize otherwise.

Standing out from its predecessor, its Scholarship Edition, Anniversary Edition will take you through boarding school adventures and other spectacular playing aspects.

Like most Rockstar Open World games, this core gameplay focuses on frequent sprinting and traveling between various distances. There are a number of plotlines and missions that can be enjoyed in a single sitting.

The game is centered on Jimmy, a 15-year-old teenager who attends Bullworth Academy. He gets to stand up to bullies, beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks and generally survives the worst school year.

Download: Android and iOS

#8. Last Day on Earth

Needless to say, for a game with such a title, the only thing you can do is survive. Last Day on Earth requires you to stay alive by shooting walking dead zombies. It jumps outside the box by offering a unique, open world game that all gamers will enjoy exploring.

As you trek through the zombie-infected rural settings, you can collect raw materials and build a shelter. You can also get by using all sorts of survival gadgets.

Last Day on Earth allows you to move around in real time and interact with your surroundings. You will need clothes, tools, and shelter in order to defeat zombies.

As you advanced through the game, you will be required to defend yourself against other outward characters.

The zombies-eat-human world that you will be immersed into shows motivate you to find your three survival basics; stick, hatchet and pickaxe. With these tools in hand, you will be able to fortify your position.

The best way to get through the apocalypse is by keeping a close eye on downed airplanes and army supply drops.

Download: Android, Last Day on Earth for PC and iOS

#7. Radiation Island

Are you ready to craft your own destiny? Radiation Island is survival game that pushes you to your absolute limit. This is what makes it one of the Top 10 Best Open World Android Games 2017.

Players will be able to gather food, resources and kill zombies. You will become stranded in a parallel, alternate reality and will use everything that you come across to survive.

There are two key objectives for the players; plain surviving or crafting equipment that will protect you from any damage. You have to be strategic enough to keep your eye on the health bar and avoid getting ill.

With the equipment in hand, any player can hunt for food and avoid dying from hunger. The game is not difficult to figure out. In fact, you can jump in without any prior experience and get through the levels.

The open world offers a beautiful playing environment that will allow you explore huge forests and investigate the abandoned villages that will come across. Radiation Island will allow you to experience day-night cycles and also fight the dangers of darkness and cold.

Download: Android and iOS

#6. Horse Adventure

Horse Adventure is one of the newer Android games. It is centered on a virtual horse riding adventure that is brought to you by Blitz Games. The concept is that of a girl and her horse. The story begins when a group of horses get scared off by a lighting storm and run widely for the hills, leaving young Barbie in charge of bringing them dark. You will assume Barbie’s character and walk and ride horses in order to find the lost horses.

You will be riding the horse most of the time. At times, you will also be required to climb over obstacles or clear the way safe passing in order to successfully maneuvered through the course.

Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the map.

As you travel, coins will be scattered through the pathway and when you collect them, you can be able to buy more outfits for your character to try on.

Horse Adventure is simple and approachable for a variety of gamers. The game is a sequel to Barbie Horse Adventures. Using the same open world approach, Horse Adventures is a better version of its sequel.


#5. Gangstar Vegas-Mafia Game

If you have been planning a dream trip to Vegas, Gangster Vegas-Mafia Game will take you there faster than you know it. When you play, you will be part of an overwhelmingly rich trip of sin.

Developed by Gameloft, this open world action-adventure game will make you assume the role of Jason. He is a skilled fighter who is targeted by an enemy after winning a match.

The city is full of shooting, racing, theft, gangster and police who are happy to save everyone from the gangsters. If you have been craving for an open world game, you will not be disappointed by what Gangster Vegas has to offer.

Needless to say, it is the ultimate treat for you.

The big game certainly has a price tag to match. You are free to explore the city especially since you will always make a new discovery and immerse yourself in a number of thefts.

Download: Android and iOS

Los Angeles Undercover

#4. Los Angeles Undercover

As one of the Top 10 Best Open World Android Games 2017, Los Angeles Undercover will change your imagination. It introduces you an action-packed world where you will kill people, steal cars, use weapons, drift and move around as freely as you please.

As a new corner in the gaming world, Los Angeles Undercover will make a positive impact on you. The spectacular sounds and immerse environment makes Los Angeles Undercover one of a kind.

The experiences exhilarating, exhausting and will make you a great part of all the ongoings. As you move around, be sure to use your weapons and abilities wisely.

Kill any enemies at a distance before they get a chance to aim at you. Be strategic as you play and, steal and, take all your shots carefully. Make sure you keep yourself well-focused throughout the game.

Los Angeles Undercover provides an open-world environment where you can use your free-will and make decisions that favor you to get ahead. Los Angeles Undercover may be new but it is already a pace setter for other similar Android games.

The graphics are sensational, and animations are ultra-realistic. With easy and intuitive controls, you will be spending the better part of your day enjoying the game and everything else that it has to offer.

#3. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

If you love fast cars then you have every reason to download MadOut2 BigCityOnline and make it your game of choice.

While some aspects of game mimic its predecessor, MadOut2 BigCityOnline, this online version offers a brand new playing dynamic of its own.

Needless to say, you will be driving through tempting streets and will be required to push your competition off the track. In order to succeed, you need that desire to win.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline is big on creativity especially since you get rid of your opponents by shoving them off your track or hitting them from behind when they are bouncing on the bumps.

If you sway off the road, you have to find ways to get back on it. At a certain point, you will be able to get off the car and run through a bushy pathway trying to find your next car of choice.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline is really diverse and offers the kind of driving and running freedom that you may not necessarily get with other games. Do not relax! You may have to upper hand but the enemy will not relent. There are no rules; the only rule is to win at all costs.

Download: Android

#2. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a game that offers you a whole new place to have criminally good fun! It is certainly the best way to discover Rio de Janiero.

Classified as a Top 10 Best Open World Android  Games 2017, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints provides a detailed and unique environment to explore.

Your main role is that of a bad guy looking to turn good. As such, you will attempt to break free from the underworld. However, during your escape attempt, a car bomb will explode and leave you half splattered everywhere.

Afterward, you will undergo a reconstructive surgery that will improve your appearance and lead to your birth as a vengeful angel!

Your anger will drive you to slay bystanders, intimidate the rich and become a well-known danger around the city of Brazil. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints portrays the streets of Rio as highly flattering.

It also takes you through the inner-city roads that are poured with carriageways. The entire city is open-up to you.

Stealing the smorgasbord of jeeps, motorcycles, jet skis and sports cars will also be appealing. You will find ways to dominate alongside a large cast of characters.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints offers a wide range of violent activities and you are free to choose what you want to participate in. Everything from rescuing women in distress to driving wildly makes Gangstar Rio: City of Saints a game for the hard at heart.

Download: Android and iOS

#1. Gangstar New Orleans

As a new open world Android game, Gangstar New Orleans deserves a gold star. You will not be disappointed by the fascinating, adventure packed world of Orleans.

Centered on the concept of busting with life and crime, Gangstar New Orleans will let you take over the world. As a player, you will start at the bottom of the ranks and work your way up the wonderland ladder.

You are free to shoot, drive around and plot with unsavory characters. This new entry to the gaming Gangstar franchise will allow you to build up a crew and become the head honcho.

The open-world environment makes it easy for you to jog, drive and perpetrate petty aspects of crime around the city. You will even get the pass for smashing a guy’s face on the pavement.

The game itself will make you feel connected to its alternate reality. With a Grand-Theft, Auto style, look and feel, Gangstar New Orleans delivers the entertainment it promises.

You will enjoy all the outer-body experiences that these streets offer. Gangstar New Orleans is mainly about turf control but will also lure you in with an amazing narrative.

Gangstar New Orleans also tries its best to reflect the city’s unique culture and history. This new entry goes out of its way to engage on the city’s mythology. The missions are all adult and as you drive around to interact with the characters, you will be magically transported to a brand new world of fighting adventures.

Download: Android and iOS


These Top 10 Best Open World Android Games 2017 will offer exactly what you are looking for in terms of indulging in gaming adventures that you cannot forget! They have taken the gaming community by storm and continue engulfing anyone who dares to play with their incredible, vast open world.

They are represented by unravelling, well-written stories and offer a handful of activities to partake in. Whether it is going undercover or being a head honcho of a gang, all gamers will find reasons to connect with this list of games.