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Be a Hero in Ben 10 Alien Run

Fans of the animated cartoon series Ben 10 have a reason to celebrate with the Ben 10 Alien Run game developed by Zapak Mobile. The game is available on Android as of this review but it is possible to install Ben 10 Alien Run for PC, which we will explain later.

Just like the famous cartoon, this app features the same animated characters, graphics, and storyline. It offers fans a chance to join in on all the fun and crazy Ben 10 adventures. What’s more, you will be playing the role of no other than Ben 10 himself.

The game starts with the Tennysons (Ben, Cousin Gwen, & Grandpa Max) out camping. In typical Ben 10 fashion, this beloved cartoon character wanders off into the forest where he comes across a magical watch, the Omnitrix.  While Ben is out on his little adventure, Gwen gets kidnapped by Steam Smythe and his minion. As a result, Ben opts to use his newly found magical watch to rescue Gwen as well as grandpa Max, who also gets abducted later on in the game.

Choose What World to Explore

In the quest to find Gwen and Grandpa Max, Ben 10 will travel through exciting worlds that include Camp, Desert, forsaken Night City, mysterious Future City, and strange Alien World. You get the freedom of choosing what world to play in, each of which comes with several levels of play.

Moving through these worlds will require a ride, which the game provides through a RustBucket RV, Muscle Car, Monster Truck, and High-Tech speed car. These too can be selected for use at will.

Transform into Aliens

In the quest to find Gwen and Grandpa Max, Ben 10 will travel through exciting worlds that include Camp, Desert, forsaken Night City, mysterious Future City, and strange Alien World. You get the freedom of choosing what realm to play in, each of which come with several levels. Moving through these worlds will require a ride. The game provides a RustBucket RV, Muscle Car, Monster Truck, and High-Tech speed car. You can select these transportation options at will too.

The worlds in Ben 10 Alien Run has lots of obstacles. You will also go up against villains with their minions, and Big Bosses towards the end of every level. When facing danger, that is where the Omnitrix comes in handy.

Just like in the cartoon, the game’s Omnitrix timepiece allows you to transform into various aliens, each with their unique special powers.  For instance, the alien known as Four Arms knocks out villains with super strength and hurls huge stones at enemies. If you transform into Heatblast, he radiates heat and fire from his body. As Cannonbolt, you can curl into a super-fast motorized wheel and run over villains. Also, XLR8 is so fast he can run through objects and creatures alike while Diamond Head can transform his limbs into blades and bludgeons. Players get Four Arms for free at the beginning. However, completing levels is how you unlock the rest of the alien superheroes.

When playing, you only need to transform into one of the aliens and take down any enemies or obstacles on your way to rescuing Gwen and Grandpa Max.  There are Back and Forward buttons on the right side and 2 Attack buttons on the left. You can attack opponents using hand-to-hand combat or hit them with stones, balls of fire, and other special abilities.

Unwind with Mini-games

Playing superhero and beating the bad guys is not all there is to Ben 10 Alien Run. Included also are a ton of memory-testing side quests that range from visual puzzles, to match games and even coloring games that feature drawings related to the cartoon series. The mini-games have no bearing on the Ben 10 adventures, but they are plenty of fun to play.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ben 10 Alien Run on PC

  • Choose the Suitable Alien for the Fight

From spiky minions to laser beam throwing creatures, to all manner of big bosses, every level of play in this game comes with a different threat. A smart strategy for increasing your chances of winning is to choose the right alien for the job. For example, there is a clown in the desert world who turns boxes into cactus yielding weapons. The best options to take on this villain are XLR8 who can speed through the boxes or Heatblast who will burn the boxes to ashes.

  • Make Use of Charged Attacks

There is a fifth control button in this game located just above the attack buttons. It features the same symbol that is on the game’s coins as well as a meter that slowly fills up when you use any of the attack buttons.  Once the meter is halfway full, the button glows showing that you can release a charged attack.  What this will do is unleash a large boulder that takes down obstacles or several minions at a time. Use it when in a bind or to inflict damage on big bosses.

  • Avoid Taking Unnecessary Damage

Ben 10 Alien Run has two attack options for a reason. The melee combat option is perfect for fighting off harmless minions. Use the other fighting options to attack from afar when you are dealing with a dangerous villain. Therefore, make sure to switch between the two attack options appropriately to avoid getting hurt unnecessarily.


About Ben 10 Alien Run:

Ben 10 Alien Run is, overall, a fun game with good gameplay and graphics. The only problem is that it is far too easy to play.  And, it does not help things that there are only six short levels in each of the game’s five worlds. As a result, an adult can complete the game in a day or two or even hours when playing non-stop play. Kids, however, (especially those who love Ben 10 cartoon) will have a blast with this game.

Developer: Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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