Bear Party for PC – Download & Install on Mac or Windows

All-Out Brawl

Bear Party is a simple arcade game that pits you against other contestants in an all-out brawl. The competition takes place on a raised platform consisting of numerous boxes/tiles. Your objective is to shove the competition overboard.

However, the game also has other challenging dynamics. For instance, a giant mascot holds up a picture that will reveal an image of a character. The boxes on the battlefield can either be plain or contain an image imprint.

When the clock counts down in 3 seconds, you have to stand over the picture held up by the mascot. All other boxes on the platform that do not contain that picture collapse, thus eliminating anyone found standing in the wrong place.

The brawl continues until only one person remains standing. Every time you win, there is a cash prize to claim. You can then use your earnings to customize your player.

Famous Characters

Bear Party features legendary characters from other games. For instance, you might notice animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s. These include the likes of Freddy the Fazbear, Monty the alligator, Roxy the wolf, Chica the chicken, among others. Huggy Wuggy, the humanoid from Poppy Playtime, also makes a guest appearance.

These characters act as mascots that hold the target pictures you must stand over when the board is about to collapse and introduce new boxes. You can also acquire costumes that mimic their appearance rather than sticking with the default skin that you get for your player at the beginning of the game.

Funny Game

Bear Party has a charm of its own. In this game, all the mascots overseeing the brawls are infamous villains. The funny thing is that all of them wear a smile, almost as if delighting at the sight of contestants fighting it out for their lives.

When the board resets, the players either stand still in funny posses or break into a dance to celebrate the fact that they are standing on the safe box. Your character will also bust some moves when having a costume change.

The developers also incorporated some taunting moves for shoving enemies over the edge. For instance, have fun gloating each time you push over an enemy and pose like a ninja.

There is never a dull moment in the game. You will enjoy lots of funny brawls that make the experience even more enjoyable.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Bear Party on PC

• Do the Chasing

Remember, the goal in Bear Party is to be the last man standing. Although you can wait for natural selection to take its course as the board eliminates players who are slow to get on the safe boxes, take a more proactive approach. By chasing the competition, the brawls end quickly, and you won’t have to worry about crowds squeezing on a single box at the risk of being easily pushed over.

• Multiply Your Earnings

At the end of each quest, you can multiply your cash and have more to spend at the shop. The process to do this involves streaming video ads. Before initiating it, wait for the right moment. You will notice a needle moves like a speedometer, pointing at the number of times your cash reward can multiply. It moves back and forth from 1 up to 5. Streaming a video ad when the pointer is over the highest multiplier will allow you to claim maximum rewards.

• Get Free Skins

Another tip to remember while playing Bear Party is that you don’t have to spend cash on skins. There are free samples to acquire from the shop. All you have to do is playback video ads to claim your free costume.

A video playback icon appears beside the free skins currently available for claiming. You will also see the number of times required to play the videos indicated next to the costume. These offers pop up on all three skin type sections of common, rare, and epic, so make sure to check every category.

How to play

How to play Bear Party on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Bear Party Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Bear Party on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Bear Party:

Bear Party is an arcade game that has gone viral, thanks to the fun concept and appealing theme it has to offer. But, unlike what its title suggests, you won't find any celebration once you start playing this game. Instead, multiple characters chase each other and brawl in an attempt to push each other over a raised modular platform. The battlefield resets at regular intervals. If you are at the wrong place, you will get eliminated automatically. The last person standing wins cash prizes. You can spend your money at the in-game shop to buy new skins for your character. Have fun playing this mobile game on your PC by installing it using the steps shared in this guide.

Developer: Ararat Games
Download: Android or iOS

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