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New Upgraded Go-Kart Racer

Beach Buggy Racing, the fantastic free-to-play off-road go-kart racing game, is back with a bang! Vector Unit, the developers behind this title, released the sequel with some impressive improvements that will appeal to anyone who played the original version. You can now play Beach Buggy Racing 2 on PC or enjoy the seamless touchscreen controls on mobile. For the first time, the game will have a multi-player mode. Enjoy the thrill of racing against real players from all over the world in weekly tournaments and special events. The sequel also boasts new drivers, more power-ups, and wider race tracks with improved graphics.

Chaotic Race to the Finish Line

The goal in Beach Buggy Racing 2 on PC is to be among the first drivers to cross the finish line. You earn coins for just participating in the race. But, a top 3 finish is even better. This will earn you stars along with a crate full of extra coins, gems or power-up cards. As you race around the track, you will drive into glowing bubbles. These items activate various power-ups, with the game offering more than 45 of them. For instance, you can shoot a firework or launch a spring trap. Such power-ups are great when you are trailing behind. Every character also has a special ability that helps them catch up with other drivers. Alternatively, extend your lead by leaving behind a swarm of killer bees or speeding off briefly using the juice boost.

Level Up to Unlock New Content

Beach Buggy Racing 2 gets interesting the more you play it. Advancing to higher levels unlocks faster cars, as well as new tracks and power-ups. From beach buggies to monster trucks, there are up to 40 cars to unlock. You can upgrade your go-kart fleet with paints and decal sets to stand out on the race track. The virtual world is just as impressive as the large vehicle fleet on offer. Battle it out in the ancient Egyptian Pyramids or challenge other drivers on tracks littered with wrecked pirate ships, dragons, castles, and alien-bio labs.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Beach Buggy Racing 2

Don’t Miss the Bubbles
The only way to fill up your power-up slots is driving through those bubbles that appear on the track at random points. Sometimes they are stacked and offer two power-ups at once. The golden ones with an exclamation mark are called fast bubbles. They power up the collected item twice as fast.
Choose Your Power-Ups Wisely
While the game offers up to 45 power-up abilities, you can only use 8 of them in your deck. The power-ups you choose are the ones that will be available to use when racing. Therefore, be strategic in your selection. A good deck should have both defensive and attacking power-ups.

Save Your Gems
Gems are the game’s premium currency. You can use them to speed up crate-opening but they are best spent on new cars. Increase your gem collection by opening chests, mail, and participating in special events.

Drift on Turns
Drifting, also known as the powerslide in Beach Buggy Racing 2, involves breaking when you are about to turn. This will help you navigate corners smoothly without running off the side of the road.

Know When to Use the Special Ability
You can only use the special ability once in the race. It is only effective when other drivers are ahead of you. So only use it at the right time. Tap on the icon on your top left corner to activate the special ability. Keep in mind though that it takes time to power up.

How to play

How to play Beach Buggy Racing 2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
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About Beach Buggy Racing 2:

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