Battlefield Royale-The One for PC – Tips, Tricks, & Install Guide

How to play

How to play Battlefield Royale-The One on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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50-Player Battle Royale

For gamers who enjoy competing in a ‘last man standing’ Deathmatch, Battlefield Royale is no different. This third-person shooter from Seasungames pits 50 players against one another. Your mission is to parachute onto a battleground, collect weapons and gear then kill every last fighter. Gear is mostly lying around in abandoned houses but, supplies also drop from the sky at regular intervals. From machine guns to flamethrowers, to grenade launchers, players find plenty of weapons on the map. Step into this exciting battleground by playing Battlefield Royale-The One for PC and compete for the title of sole survivor.

Characters with Great Personality

Seasungames tried to add some personality to every character in the game. For instance, you can play as a violent mob criminal that just broke out of prison. Alternatively, choose the talented Mexican singer or a bank robber wearing a face-printed bag on his head. To keep things from becoming dull, Seasungames borrowed a leaf from the successful Fortnite battle royale. Battlefield Royale-The One for PC also offers a list of characters that dance to the background music. This not only offers some entertainment as you select your survivor, but it can also get you hyped up for battle. Although the character list is limited, the game offers some customization options. You can tweak the appearance of your character to look different from other fighters.

Fun-Themed Art Style

Beyond the dancing characters, Battlefield Royale incorporates fun elements into the game through other ways. The developers settled for a cool cartoon inspired art style. While this might not seem like much, it helps to create a lighthearted vibe in what is supposed to be a fight for survival. The game has good visuals too despite the cartoon-themed graphics. Players get a 3-D aerial view when inside buildings, which makes finding loot easy. Adding to the humor, everyone will skydive from an aircraft looks like a flying shark.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Battlefield Royale-The One

• Land Wisely
Ideally, you should try to land in an area that has lots of buildings. Before jumping off the plane, tap the map to scout for good landing spots. The plane’s path is clearly visible on the map plus you will be able to see labels of facilities and developed areas.

• Steal Opponent Gear
Killing other fighters not only puts you one step closer to being the sole survivor but also comes with rewards. After shooting another player dead, they disappear from the game and are replaced by a chest with all the gear they had collected. Stand over the chest to steal gear that your opponents leave behind after elimination.

• Stay in the Safe Zone
As with most similar battle royale games, Battlefield Royale-The One for PC puts players on a map that has a limited safe area. If you are outside the safe zone, your health will drop fast and potentially get kicked out of the game. With this in mind, always stay inside the safe zone. Bear in mind that the safe zone keeps getting smaller. So, check your location on the map while playing to avoid being caught in the wrong place without knowing.

• Heal Yourself
If you get shot, your health level will decrease. Trying to fight other survivors with low health is risky because you will die quickly. To avoid this, make sure to heal yourself with medkits.


About Battlefield Royale-The One:

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