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Battle Powerful Enemies in Multi-Kingdom Tower Defense Game

Picking up from where the Kingdom Wars saga left off, Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 adopts a similar gameplay concept where the objective is to protect your tower/castle at all costs. To defend your kingdom, you will have to eliminate multiple attacking units and advance your army onwards to take down the enemy castle. Victory is yours only after you have successfully toppled opponent towers.

Much like its predecessor, Kingdom Wars2 offers a decent variety of game modes. You get to battle through seven territories featuring chilling names like the Nameless Forest, Nest of Darkness, City of Solar, Burning Cliff, and Sole Bridge, to name just a few. Furthermore, each kingdom has several stages to play through.

As a sequel, Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 comes with the bonus of being more polished. The graphics are better overall in more ways than one. For instance, the characters are less cartoonish. Moreover, the game takes on a medieval-dark age vibe consisting of menacing goblins, demons, and orcs as your opponents.

Additionally, the battle approach is more organized. The fighters take up formation in two lanes. Firstly, the infantry melee soldiers lead the way o the frontline. Secondly, archers and ranged units remain at the back.

Flip Through 3 Modes of Combat

As a tower defense game, Battle Seven Kingdoms requires more brainpower than fighting skills. The game does, however, feature unique controls that make for engaging fights.

Featured are three combat modes, namely Attack, Defense, and Retreat. Each one has its very own designated button.

With the provided setup, you can think and react to enemy advances on the fly. For instance, the retreat button comes in handy when under heavy attack or when you want to create enough distance between you and the enemy to fire off your arrow cannon.

Alternatively, you can have your soldiers take on a defensive stance. Doing so will prevent your castle from getting hit when the enemy gets too close to your tower.

The game also features auto and manual play options, not to mention a fast-forwarding button if you wish to speed up the action.

Achieve Power with Growth

Like most tower defense releases before it, Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 is simple to play. Levels and boss fights become more challenging as you go, but do not get to a point where you have to struggle to win a round of battle. That said, your continued success in the game is dependent on your growth.

Indeed, you have to put in the work to become a powerhouse. You start with average beginner characters and a feeble tower consisting of a stack of wooden crates on wheels. However, you will be able to make continuous upgrades. Over time, you will level up both your tower and characters until you end up with a powerful army and a fortified life-like castle.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Battle seven Kingdoms on PC

• Battle Often to Amass Game Resources

With Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2, every round is pretty much like embarking on a treasure hunt. Besides a guaranteed generous amount of coins, the game throws in additional bonuses at every stage.

You can either acquire a new character, collect coin & diamond chests, or activate bonus rewards such as summoning scrolls. For this reason, you should do battle quite often. After all, it is the quickest way to stack up on game resources that will enable you to become more powerful in the game.

• Turn to Daily Quests

Make sure to complete daily quests because they give you a chance to earn a whole lot more coins, diamonds, and scrolls than you would get through ordinary play. For the most part, quests include normal play activities like killing an enemy five times or finishing stage missions one time. However, there are a few out-of-the-way quests like watching an ad three times or checking your user info once. So, visit the quest section occasionally to check out what other missions are available. A red dot next to this button means you have quest rewards you can collect.

• Make Frequent Character and Tower Upgrades

Another essential part of this game that you cannot ignore is leveling up. You will get copious amounts of coins after every round of play. Therefore, you can afford to make one or more substantial character and tower upgrades before heading into the next battle.

The go-to default page after each round features an Upgrade button. Tapping it leads to 2 tabs for Character and Castle. Every character requires a certain amount of coins to upgrade, while the Castle tab displays a host of upgrade options at varying costs. You only need to scroll through every available offer and make upgrades wherever you can.

Remember, every upgrade counts since it makes you more powerful. Consequently, you will be able to take down enemies with greater ease in subsequent rounds and keep earning more.

• Summon New Characters Whenever Possible

Although new characters are awarded automatically at various stages, summoning is your best bet of amassing a formidable army. The more summons you make, the higher your chances of pulling out a rare, legend, or super legend character.

One way to summon a character is to spend diamonds at the ‘Normal Summon’, ‘Special Summon’, and ‘x10 Special Summon’ tabs. The game takes you straight to these tabs after every victorious battle, giving you a chance to summon a new character if you have enough diamonds. A cheaper route, however, is to cash in on the free summoning scrolls. These scrolls are given as presents occasionally in the game and usually unveil higher-tier characters.

How to play

How to play Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars 2:

Except for a low diamond reward and steep diamond summoning cost, there is not much to complain about Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2. The developers have done an excellent job that gives the game great potential to become even more impressive with future content updates. It is not pay-to-win and does not force ads on you. Additionally, the visual indicators for controls are good, its animations are impressive, the characters move smoothly, and you get to enjoy a ton of cool extras such as an arrow cannon boost at your disposal during fights. Overall, Battle Seven Kingdoms is a great successor to the first game with challenging levels that are neither too hard nor effortlessly easy.

Developer: Springcomes
Download: Android or iOS

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