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How to play Balls Rotate on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Get a Good Mental Workout

Balls Rotate is a mobile game by Voodoo that is not only fun to play but will also give you a good mental challenge. In this game, there is no right or wrong way of playing, no rush to beat a set time of play or the stress of dying. It just involves the simple mind-engaging task of guiding a collection of balls through a variety of puzzling mazes. Your ability to visualize a way out is the only way to guide those tiny balls out of complex labyrinths that come in all shapes and sizes.

Simple One-Touch Control

As far as puzzle games go, Balls Rotate is one of the easiest to play. There are no controls to master or pieces to drag across your phone’s screen. You do not even need both your hands glued to the screen. Simply rotate the maze with a swipe of your finger to get the balls moving. The same motion is repeated until the balls make it to the edge and drop down into the next maze wall. This level of simplicity makes the game ideal for both kids and adults looking to unwind after a tiring day.

Levels Increase in Difficulty

At the start, the Balls Rotate game is so ridiculously simple that it does not seem much of challenge to play. You will find yourself whipping through the initial levels without so much as a second thought. While this might tempt you to uninstall the game and look for something more taxing, we suggest that you hang in there. Higher levels will slow down your roll and force you to think harder when navigating the balls.

The game has over 60 levels, which progressively grow in complexity. With each puzzle you solve, the next one will come with multiple maze layers and a larger number of balls to navigate. Every level features 3 mazes to complete, so there will be plenty of play left to keep your mind engaged once you get through the easy part.


Tips & Tricks for Playing Balls Rotate on PC

  • Always Study the Maze First

Some mazes in this game (especially those on higher levels) have more than one path to go on. Some of the routes though lead to dead ends. So make it a habit to study the maze before you start moving to identify the path that gets you to the end fast and directly.

  • Do not Allow Balls to Separate

Although this game does not have time limits or put pressure on you to complete the objective, there are high and low scores. The more balls you get to the next level, the higher the score. Getting all balls down the drop point before the level finishes yields a perfect score. So, for the purpose of scoring high and raising your overall high score, you must keep the balls together at all times. If necessary, take a few steps back to retrieve any ball(s) that falls off course. Once the first ball drops, there is only a short window of time to get the rest of the balls through before the game jumps to the next level.

  • Keep Rotations Controlled

The farther along you go in this game, the more difficult it becomes to navigate the balls. And, this makes it hard to accomplish the play strategy we shared above. In these levels, you will need to slow things down and keep the rotations controlled. One fast or jerky swipe can send the balls flying in different directions, sometimes even getting a few stuck in a spot that is hard to come out of without giving you a headache.


About Balls Rotate:

This casual game is a product of the famous game developer Voodoo where it sits at the number 2 position of free puzzle games in the Apple App Store. So, one thing is for sure – you will find yourself quickly addicted to the game. There is, however, one issue that has been brought up by many players. The game is riddled with ads (including short videos) that pop up after every successful round of play. This is no surprise though since Balls Rotate is a free-to-play mobile app. Advertisements are what help keep the game available for free. That said, you can easily work around this little annoyance by switching off your Wi-Fi or mobile data. Without Internet connectivity, ads will not be able to come through.

Developer: VOODOO
Download: Android or iOS

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